How did SARS, which made people “terrified” 19 years ago, suddenly disappear? It is recommended to understand carefully

According to relevant data, at that time, 8,422 people around the world were unfortunately infected with the SARS virus, and the death toll was 919. Disappeared.

But in today’s society, why is it difficult for us to disappear from the new coronavirus, which refers to the new crown epidemic? So far, the new crown epidemic has lasted for three years. Why is it so frightening that SARS can suddenly disappear suddenly, but the new crown epidemic cannot be well controlled? Let’s take a look.


How did SARS, which made people “terrified” 19 years ago, suddenly disappear? It is recommended to carefully understand

In fact, the outbreak of SARS in the past was very rapid like the new crown virus in today’s society. However, after 9 full months, the SARS virus was finally wiped out by humans. So far, people still cannot find the truth, but people’s conjectures have also given a lot of inspiration.

From the perspective of infectious diseases, a virus needs three sources of transmission, transmission routes, and susceptible people Strictly isolating the source of transmission and cutting off the transmission route in time can effectively suppress the spread of the virus.

The transmission ability of the virus is weak in the early stage of infection, so that medical staff can identify it as soon as possible, and patients If preventive measures are taken before the infectivity increases, the infection of SARS virus will also be effectively prevented and controlled by personnel.

In addition, the SARS virus is different from the coronavirus. The SARS virus stopped abruptly in the summer season, and some relevant scholars It is speculated that there may be a correlation between the increase in temperature and the gradual decline in the number of sick people.


19 years ago, the level of medical care was low, why SARS could be brought under control, The new crown pneumonia has always existed?

The first reason is that the SARS virus is not perfect, mainly reflected in three aspects First of all, the power of the SARS virus is too powerful. Although its transmission ability is similar to that of the new coronavirus, its fatality rate is extremely high. According to Academician Zhong Nanshan, the mortality rate of the SARS virus was as high as 10%, while the fatality rate of the new coronavirus today is Only about 2%.

Because the power of the SARS virus is very powerful, the corresponding symptoms of the body will be more serious, there are relevant statistics It shows that 70% of patients after human infection with SARS virus need to be hospitalized, while the hospitalization rate of new coronavirus is 20%.

Because the SARS virus is easy to put people in high-risk and severe cases, most patients need to be hospitalized, which is very important To a certain extent, it directly hinders the transmission route and transmission intensity of the virus.

Secondly, the incubation period of the SARS virus is relatively short, about 2-7 days, and patients are usually in the third day. In a severe state, this is equivalent to being infected with a virus, and it will be discovered in a few days, so that it can be treated effectively and directly block the further spread of the virus.

The incubation period of the new coronavirus in today’s society is basically 1-14 days, or even longer, many patients There were no symptoms in the early stage, and they had been in contact with many people until the symptoms appeared. Nowadays, due to the mutation of the virus, more patients are asymptomatic.

Finally, the survivability of the SARS virus is weak, and the survivability of the SARS virus becomes very poor at high temperatures. disappear suddenly.

The second reason is China’s united determination to fight the epidemic. During the SARS period, Chinese medical experts worked day and night, Sticking to the forefront of the fight against the epidemic, it is precisely because of the continuous efforts of medical staff and the people of the whole country that they are finally confined to Xiaotangshan Hospital in Beijing and finally “eliminated” by humans.

The same is true for the new crown epidemic. Although our country failed to stop the spread of the virus at the first time, the subsequent Various measures have effectively restricted the continued spread of the new crown virus, and our domestic epidemic situation has been effectively controlled quickly.

But this world is very magical, we thought that as long as we sing well, we can support a play team, but now I have to divert my energy away from the stage.


Will the sequelae of the new crown follow you for a lifetime? Academician Zhang Boli said

There are many new crown patients in life, and psychological sequelae will appear after recovery , I am very afraid of these sequelae, will it follow me for the rest of my life?

Zhang Boli, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out that the sequelae caused by new coronary pneumonia, including heart, lung, kidney function and immunity It takes a certain period of time for the function to return to normal. Most patients will recover quickly. Some patients with more complicated conditions will take a long time, such as pulmonary fibrosis and renal function damage. Patients often need about a year. time to fully recover.

And some Femoral head necrosis caused by hormone drugs may be alleviated by physical therapy, acupuncture and other treatments in the early stage, but if the situation is more serious, it will become difficult to control, then this situation is likely to follow the patient’s life, and even become serious Threat to the normal life of the patient.

In summary, most of the sequelae of COVID-19 can be cured, but for patients with severe sequelae, It may be difficult to treat, but everyone must have self-confidence, so as to overcome the disease.