How big is the uterus in adenomyosis?

Adenomyosis is a “regular guest” in gynecological diseases. It has the characteristics of incurable and extremely painful, and is called “immortal cancer” by everyone. Adenomyosis is a type of endometriosis. In recent years, the number of patients with adenomyosis has been increasing year by year, which has brought great trouble to female patients. So, how big is the uterus with adenomyosis? Let’s take a look. How serious is adenomyosis?How serious is adenomyosis? standard. The main manifestation of adenomyosis is dysmenorrhea. The uterus increases uniformly, but it is generally not said to be particularly large. Regular color Doppler ultrasonography can be used to check the size of the uterus. Adenomyosis is a gynecological disease with a very high incidence. It is mainly caused by the invasion of endometrial glands and stroma into the myometrium, resulting in a diffuse appearance of the myometrium in patients. Sexual disease. And this disease is easy to induce the occurrence of uterine fibroids, and it will also make the uterus evenly enlarged. Many people think that the severity of adenomyosis is related to the size of the uterus, but this is actually a wrong belief, because the relationship between the two is not very close, and it is not that the bigger the uterus, the more serious the adenomyosis. . How to prevent adenomyosis?1. Do a good job of family planning and try to avoid abortion and curettage. If you have gynecological diseases, seek medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid excessive uterine cavity operations. 2. During the menstrual period, you should take good care of yourself, do not do strenuous activities, pay attention to controlling your emotions, and do not get sullen, otherwise it will lead to endocrine changes. Abstaining from sex during menstruation can reduce the occurrence of adenomyosis to a certain extent. 3. Pay attention to keep warm and prevent cold; adjust your emotions; diet should be rich in sufficient nutrients, correct partial eclipse and abnormal eating habits, and avoid gluttony of irritating or cold foods. 4. Adhere to contraception, do not do or seldom do artificial abortion, because the negative pressure suction uterus is used, if the pressure used during the operation and the method of use are not appropriate, it may also cause blood to flow back into the abdominal cavity, Causes endometriosis implantation. Although adenomyosis has so many symptoms, it is not a serious disease. There is no need to worry too much about it, but it should be given full attention, early detection and early treatment. I hope the majority of female friends Stay away from pain. If you have any questions about pregnancy, you can directly click “Read the original text” or “Scan the two-dimensional below code“, experts will answer your questions.