Hong Linchuan’s brothers and daughters are neglected

Brother and daughter are three years old, The right limb is flaccid and soft, unable to move, and the doctor treats it as wind. Yu said: This is a partial waste certificate. The disease is caused by congenital insufficiency, liver and kidney deficiency, and the medicine should be warming and tonic. If the style is governed, it will be wrong.

Brother Lin said: partiality is a disease of the elderly, and children suffer from it.

Yu said: the liver governs the tendons, the kidney governs the bones. One too. Drink with Yougui, add ginseng, qi, and antler gum, and take dozens of doses to heal.

[Li Jiren’s note] Impotent people have sluggish limbs and veins, weakness, can’t hold things with hands, can’t hold hands with feet, gradually muscle atrophy, and have no power to move. The symptoms of this disease are caused by lung heat injuring the body fluid, warming the stomach due to heat, and deficiency of liver and kidney due to deficiency of Qi and blood. The former is partial to reality, while the latter is partial to fiction, and there are also those who are mixed with fiction and reality. Non-diagnosis is clear, difficult to cure. “Nei Jing” says: “Treating impotence only takes Yangming,” which should be respected, but the muscles and bones are not nourished, and the limbs are not used. Can the liver and kidney not be blamed!

Suffering The child’s “right limb flaccidity and weakness, unable to move” is very obvious. “Medical style of treatment” is really a puzzling disease. Cheng clearly understands the truth, and believes that the elderly suffer from this because of “the kidney qi has weakened”, and the children suffer from it because of “the kidney qi is not enough”. Liver and kidney are of the same origin, muscles and bones are involved, the reason is the same, there can be impotence in the elderly but not in children.

Since congenital deficiencies, liver and kidney deficiency, the method should be used as a warming tonic, so cast Yougui drink to nourish kidney yang, add ginseng to nourish qi and blood, and deer horn glue to strengthen bones and tendons , it is better to take dozens of doses to heal.

In other words: If this is the case, how will the “neijing” say “curing impotence alone” will be explained! It should be known that “acquiring alone” is the meaning of “emphasis”, which is to emphasize the role of the stomach, not to rule out other methods for treating impotence. If the five impotences are all related to the lungs, (Zhang Jingyue once said: “The impotence of the five viscera is all due to the heat of the lung qi, and the yin in the five viscera is insufficient, and the atrophy of the impotence is also related to the lung”), it is necessary to clear the lung heat. This example is a congenital deficiency, deficiency of the lower yuan, and nourishing the liver and kidney, which is very consistent. In short, using medicine is like using soldiers. “The magic of using soldiers lies in one mind”, and the treatment method must not be established solely based on the name of “atrophy”.

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