Hepatitis B is not a dream! Do these three things well to increase the negative rate

Currently, chronic hepatitis B virus cannot be completely cured, and only through antiviral treatment, the activity of hepatitis B virus replication can be controlled.

And the effect of control depends on the five items of hepatitis B.

The test results of the five indicators of hepatitis B are often expressed as negative and positive. The average person is “negative”, and some indicators of people infected with hepatitis B virus will be “positive”, so the test is determined by The conversion of yang to yin is the goal of treatment for most hepatitis B patients.

But “hepatitis B turns negative” is a general term, and different testing items have different concepts, and their clinical meanings are not exactly the same.

Hepatitis B turn negative generally see three items

1. HBV-DNA negative – virus content reduction

HBV-DNA detection can understand the virus content in the patient’s body, the higher the value, the more virus.

If the test result turns negative, it means that the replication of hepatitis B virus is restricted and the risk of liver damage will be reduced. In this case, the liver cirrhosis and liver cancer that hepatitis B patients are afraid of will be farther away.

There is a downside to this test, though: The virus level is too low to detect a value. In other words, even if the result is negative, it does not mean that the virus is completely gone in the body, and hepatitis B patients cannot relax their vigilance.

2. Hepatitis B e-antibody turns negative – virus stops replicating

e antigen is an indicator of active viral replication and strong infectivity.

If it turns negative together with HBV-DNA, it means that the hepatitis B virus has stopped replicating and the infectivity is reduced. However, it is still possible for the virus to restart its replication work without paying attention to life, and patients need to be reviewed regularly, just in case.

3. Hepatitis B surface antigen negative – complete virus clearance

As an important indicator of hepatitis B virus infection, its negative conversion can even be called hepatitis B The ultimate goal for the patient – this marks the complete eradication of the hepatitis B virus.

However, most of the people who can accomplish this goal are acute hepatitis B patients. When their own immunity becomes stronger again, the hepatitis B virus is no longer an opponent.

For chronic hepatitis B patients, due to the stubbornness of hepatitis B virus and the limitations of drug treatment, very few patients can achieve this goal, and only a few people in my country’s huge hepatitis B group have such a situation. lucky.

After controlling the number of viruses and replication efficiency, hepatitis B will not affect the normal life of patients. Therefore, Chronic hepatitis B patients should not blindly pursue surface antigen negative conversion, and believe in those exaggerated medical advertisements .

Do these three points to improve the negative rate of hepatitis B

First adherence to treatment

At the beginning of treatment, the symptoms of hepatitis B patients were not significantly improved.

So many impatient patients feel that the treatment is ineffective and give up the drug.

However, according to conventional treatment methods, interferon (injection) should be used consistently for 48~72 weeks, and it should be injected into the hospital every week; while the course of antiviral drugs is At least 4 years.

However, data show that more than 60% of hepatitis B patients will discontinue treatment on their own, and even less than 40% of patients can persist for one to three years. That is to say, most hepatitis B patients are lonely after treatment, their health has not improved, and they are closer to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Only by insisting on treatment, can hepatitis B be cured.

Second, keep exercising

Immunity is the first front line against hepatitis B virus.

For people with poor constitution, the virus will do more damage to the human body, the treatment efficiency will be lower, and the body’s ability to repair will be weaker.

So hepatitis B patients need to keep fit and keep exercising.

In the beginning, you can do 10 minutes or 20 minutes of aerobic training according to your physical condition. After the physical strength is enhanced, it is best to perform moderate-intensity exercise three to five times a week for more than 30 to 60 minutes each time, so that the exercise efficiency is higher, and it is not easy to fatigue.

Third regular review

The effect of hepatitis B treatment can be seen by the five items of hepatitis B, and regular inspection can help to know whether the drug is continuously effective.

Once the body develops resistance, the doctor needs to change the medicine in time. To avoid massive replication of hepatitis B virus and aggravate the disease.