Hepatitis B cirrhosis treatment has come true, a family of three knelt down to thank

Today I would like to share with you the recovery process of hepatitis B in a family of three. I remember that when I first came here last year, the woman cried and complained that the family was unlucky. Both the husband and wife suffered from major Sanyang at the same time, and the fifteen-year-old son was a small Sanyang. They tossed all their family assets for the treatment of the disease. In order to save the cost of treatment, they dared not go to a big hospital, so they had to take their son around to find folk remedies for treatment. They listened to a quack doctor and used Chinese herbal medicine for more than a year. “At that time, he still vowed that he could be cured, so we believed it. Some of the medicines he gave were decoctions, capsules, and powders. We went to get the medicines on a regular basis every month. At first, it did have some effect, but after eating, it became worse. I missed it.” The woman said, “Both my husband and I have abdominal distension and bleeding gums, and my son has almost no other reaction except mental.”

After feeling something was wrong, the family of three rushed to the local hospital for examination. As a result, the husband and wife were both diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, and the son was diagnosed with hepatitis B and three yang. “After more than a year of treatment in vain, the medicine is still expensive, and the money is wasted. The key is that the condition is still serious.” Seeing the test results, the family of three regretted it.

The disease has reached this point, no matter how much money you have, you have to treat it! But the subsequent treatment was not smooth. “After the diagnosis, I was treated in this hospital. I took entecavir and anti-fibrosis drugs every day. The symptoms were severe and mild, and I felt that the disease was always developing.” The woman said.

After listening to their complaints, combined with the latest inspection results, I will reformulate them treatment plan. In addition to the “dual-antibody” treatment, the husband and wife focused on the overall conditioning of the viscera, and the treatment of the child was on immune enhancement, using a combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. As a result, after taking the medicine for less than half a month, they reported that their appetite had improved, they could sleep well, and they felt much more energetic! By the end of September this year, their virus levels were all lower than the lower limit of the detection value. The liver cirrhosis of the couple was basically reversed, and the son’s cirrhosis had changed from big three yang to small two yang. Adherence to treatment is expected to completely turn negative. On the whole, the family has basically recovered now, and the rest just need to pay attention to life, diet and exercise moderately, and they will be fine! At the end of the consultation, something unexpected happened to me. The whole family knelt down with a plop. This may be the simplest way of gratitude for farmers, but I was flattered!

It is the job of a doctor to treat the sick and save the sick, how can I stand this kneeling? Over the years, I have received many patients from rural areas. It is really heartbreaking and sad to see them not receiving standardized treatment due to poverty, delaying their treatment and making their condition worse. This also motivates me to treat every patient with heart all the time, and do my best to help patients recover as soon as possible!