Hemorrhoids, blood in the stool, colitis, and blood in the stool belong to wind-heat or damp-heat, use Sophora japonica to cool the blood to stop bleeding

Introduction: Hemorrhoids with blood in the stool, bright red or dark purple blood, and the syndrome of internal dampness and heat, it is advisable to use Sophora japonica powder to clear the intestines and stop bleeding, and to disperse wind and lower qi. Huaihua Powder is a commonly used prescription for the treatment of intestinal wind and dirty poison. In the prescription, Sophora japonica clears heat and dampness in the large intestine, cools blood and stops bleeding, and is the king; Arborvitae leaves help Sophora japonica to cool blood and stop bleeding, and stir-fry Nepeta mustard to dispel wind and regulate blood. Intestinal dredging, cooling blood to stop bleeding. It is commonly used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, colitis or other blood in the stool, which is a wind-heat or damp-heat evil poison, which obstructs the intestines and damages the collaterals. It can also be used for colorectal cancer and blood in the stool.


Sophora japonica< /span>

Sophora japonica, cypress leaves, Nepeta spikes, Citrus aurantium, the top is fine powder, use clear rice drink to adjust two money, take it before hollow food, treat intestinal wind Dirty poison.

This recipe comes from “Puji Skills Recipe”, intestinal wind is dirty and poisonous, which actually refers to wind-heat Damp poison, stagnates the intestines, and damages the blood collaterals. Bleeding before or after defecation, or blood in the stool, and bleeding from hemorrhoids, with bright red or dark blood, and a red tongue with yellow coating and rapid pulse. Nepeta, Citrus aurantium regulate Qi, Sophora japonica and Arborvitae enter the blood. This recipehas the compatibility characteristics of activating qi in hemostasis, sending wind in clearing intestines, and on the contrary. .

p>Recipe for Intestinal Wind and Dirty Toxin

Sophorae Flower Powder

Move Qi and stop bleeding


Sophora japonica (fried ), cypress leaves (pestle, roasted ) span>12g each, Nepeta ear, Citrus aurantium (fried bran) each
6g. Grind the medicine into a fine powder and mix thoroughly. three times a day, each time
6g, adjust with boiling water or rice soup.


this party The medicinal properties are cold and cold, so it can only be used temporarily, not for a long time. Blood in the stool for a long time is not suitable for people with qi deficiency or yin deficiency, as well as those with spleen and stomach element deficiency.

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