Help the elderly bridge the “digital divide”! The first batch of five “smart learning scenarios” in Changning officially launched

The “Learning in Digital Changning” Smart Learning Scenario was launched a few days ago and digital education for the elderly into the community action was launched At the ceremony, guided by the Learning Office of Changning District, the first batch of five “smart learning scenarios” created by the community college around the themes of smart finance, smart elderly care, and smart life were unveiled to help the elderly leapfrog “digital learning scenarios” in an immersive learning environment. gap”.

It is understood that Changning District, as the first batch of “digital learning pilot areas” in the country and the first “education digital transformation experimental area” in Shanghai, aims to speed up the construction of The smart learning environment for lifelong learning meets the diverse and digital learning needs of citizens. Relying on the comprehensive platform of “Learning in Digital Changning”, the district learning office and community college have successively explored cloud-based classrooms for lifelong learning and developed digital learning applets that support simulation interaction. Provide learners with simpler, intuitive and effective digital learning support services with digital learning service measures with Changning characteristics, and help build a smarter, more modern and more resilient smart city.

Since the beginning of this year, the community college has focused on building a deeply immersive smart learning scene in five places where the elderly in the community gather, including the Changning Citizen Learning Center, the Xinjing Town Community Party and Mass Service Center, and the Xianxia Xincun Street Community Comprehensive Service Center for the Elderly. With the help of life scenes, immersive experience, sharing and mutual assistance, and through virtual reality technology, it provides a close to real experiential learning environment, meets the digital learning needs of learners, especially the elderly, and becomes an effective carrier and important for promoting digital education for the elderly into community action. position.

Now follow the reporter to the smart learning scene Bar~


Smart Finance

The “smart finance” learning scene takes “smart finance to enjoy a better life” as the theme to help citizens learn the basics of digital renminbi, master the basic process of electronic payment, help citizens improve their financial literacy, and improve the use of smart technologies ability and level.

The scene is equipped with a smart life teaching area, a mobile payment interaction area, and a self-service shopping experience area. The digital financial situation in daily life is introduced into the exhibition hall. By simulating the real scene, the digital financial life and teaching are integrated to provide immersive wisdom. Learning experience to improve citizens’ digital financial literacy.

Scene Address: Changning Civic Learning Center (Honggu, Changning District 321 Road)


Smart Kitchen

The “smart kitchen” learning scene takes the digital kitchen as the theme, combines citizens’ learning needs and learning hotspots, and allows every elderly person to actively integrate into digital life through immersive experiences and simulated applications. Improve the application level of digital learning methods for the elderly, and promote the digital transformation, intelligent upgrading and integrated innovation of education for the elderly.

The “smart kitchen” learning scene classroom has been upgraded with smart equipment, developed corresponding courses, and optimized the learning scene to create a A family-style warm learning environment. The scene is divided into two areas: the living room and the kitchen. The kitchen area is equipped with smart kitchen utensils to help citizens learn and experience the charm of cooking through the smart scene. A relaxed learning environment is designed in the restaurant area to help citizens master household appliances. Use of the Internet of Things.

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Scene Address: 3rd Floor, Xinjing Town Community Party-Mass Service Center (No. 1358, Hami Road)


Smart living room< /p>

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The “Smart Living Room” learning scene is based on the construction theme of “Hui Ji Hui Elderly”, relying on the comprehensive old service center of Xianxia Xincun Street Community The hub service platform comprehensively uses innovative interactive modes such as smart course learning, application technology lectures, technology home display, and scene simulation experience to create two themed functional areas of “smart home learning” and “smart home experience”.

Scene through on-site teaching, whole house smart home system display, immersion Experience and other innovative interactive modes, using easy-to-understand, rich and novel experience content and teaching forms, let the elderly perceive the convenience brought by digital technology to life.

Scene address: Xianxia Xincun Street Community Comprehensive Old Service Center, 2nd Floor (No. 298, Maotai Road)


Smart Health Care

The “smart health care” learning scene from Starting from the perspective and needs of the elderly, focusing on “useful”, “loved” and “useful”, using digital and multimedia means to meet the new needs of “smart health care” for the elderly in the community, and guide the elderly Through immersive experience, simulated application, and interactive learning, fully enjoy the convenience brought by digitalization, and enhance the sense of accomplishment of the elderly in smart learning.

Scene address: Aixinyuan, Beixinjing Street (No. 55, Lane 350, West Tianshan Road)


Smart Life

The “smart life” learning scene combines the school’s facilities and equipment and curriculum characteristics, and adopts a variety of teaching modes by being equipped with an integrated high-definition recording and broadcasting system , Design reasonable teaching content, simulate and restore the digital travel experience and smart consumption experience scenes of various digital life applications, so that elderly students can learn while using, integrate into the real digital life in the learning process, and bridge the digital divide.

Scene Address: University for the Elderly, Changning District (No. 62, Lane 1136, Yuyuan Road)

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