After Xiaoxue: In the next month, remember to do these 3 things well, especially those who are physically weak

Today is the eleventh month of the lunar calendar, which is also called the winter month, and there are two months left before the Chinese New Year.

《Month “Ling Qierhou Jijie” said: “Heavy snow, November Festival. The big one is full. So far, the snow is full.”

The winter moon spans the solar terms of light snow and heavy snow, and ends with the solar term of the winter solstice. This month, the natural yin qi gradually reaches its peak, and the nature and the body begin to grow on the day of the winter solstice. The entire winter month can be regarded as a critical month before turning from yin to yang.

Share with you today Some Tang Dynasty medicine king Sun Simiao’s winter moon health regimen taboos, a little attention to the body, diet, daily life, emotions, the body’s troubles will be much less.

There are many winter months Eat “bitter”, avoid salty

< p>“In November, the kidneys are flourishing, and the heart and lungs are weakening. It is advisable to increase the intake of bitter foods and eliminate salty foods, so as to nourish the lungs and stomach.”

Winter is the season of the kidneys, and during the winter month, the kidney qi is flourishing, while the heart and lungs are relatively weak. When cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and blood pressure are prone to problems, especially the elderly.

Salty is not for the kidney ? Why eat less salty or even put an end to salty things?

The salty taste enters the kidney , but “when the vigorous viscera are not nourished”, when the Dongyue kidney is already vigorous, it is good to nourish it at a normal level without nourishing it, or to nourish it slightly.

《The Yellow Emperor “Nei Jing” said: “Eat more salty, the pulse will condense and weep and change color.”

Eating too much salt will also affect the weak heart at this time. In addition to blood vessel and blood pressure problems, it can also easily lead to edema, heart failure, bone weakness, gastritis, etc. question.

So Dongyue except Reduce salt intake, and eat less salty foods, such as: animal blood, clams, cuttlefish, sea urchins, clams, kelp, seaweed, seaweed, etc.

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You can eat more bitter food, the bitter taste enters the heart, can vent and dry. It can clear away restless heat, dry excess water and dampness, and relieve the burden on the kidneys. Such as grapefruit, pork liver, celery, tartary buckwheat, bellflower, lettuce, tangerine peel, watercress, burdock, lotus seeds, etc.

Especially heart fire Friends who are prosperous, the brain is always cranky, prone to insomnia, mouth ulcers, upset and irritable, get angry, have edema in the legs, and have yellow urine.

If the body still has Yang deficiency is afraid of the cold, and the lower body is cold, you can boil water with lotus seeds and cinnamon.

Lotus seeds clear heart fire and soothe the nerves It can improve sleep, and it has astringent power, which is also good for the kidneys.

Cinnamon is amazing It is hot in nature, pungent in taste, strong in aroma, very hot in itself, and has a strong effect of warming the kidney and yang. At the same time, it can also ignite the fire and return to the original, nourish the kidney and warm the lower body of the body, and at the same time improve the problem of asthenia fire.

Moisture Friends can mix some bitter, spleen-invigorating and damp-dispelling tangerine peel, poria cocos, barley, amomum, etc. to boil water and drink together.

Dongyue, don’t overheat your body, eat less meat

“Do not moxibustion the abdomen and back, do not expose to heat, be careful It makes the face swollen and the waist and spine ache.”

The ancients liked to use scar moxibustion in moxibustion, and moxibustion produced scars and blisters. In this way, the strength of warming yang is very strong, but it is not suitable for autumn and winter when it is necessary to nourish yin. Our current moxibustion, or hanging moxibustion, or moxibustion box, is very gentle. If you have yang deficiency, body cold, fear of cold, or daily health maintenance, you can still use moxibustion, but don’t moxibustion for too long a day.

The ancients are not as good as the modern , I am most afraid of evil winds hurting the yang energy of the body, causing edema, stiffness and pain in various places such as the waist and spine.

Now the insulation effect of clothes Well, when you go out, you need to pay attention to the cold wind, as well as the sudden wind blowing between buildings, parking lots and other corners.

The most important thing to pay attention to Yes, don’t let your body get too hot in winter.

Now clothes, heating With the blessing of many aspects such as cooking, fish, meat, frying and spicy, the body is often overheated, either the body is hot, irritable, dry, or sweats when moving, and sometimes sweats a lot after eating. Excessive sweating not only hurts the yin, but also the yang energy will also come out, which is against the need to hide in winter.

After a hidden winter, the body should be energetic Energetic, but now more people are mentally weak, short-lived, tired after doing things for a while. If you don’t pay attention, you will get angry, toothache, sore throat, nasal congestion and cold when you blow the wind, panting and tired when you exercise, and your body’s original energy and blood are particularly depleted.

Heating, The temperature of the air conditioner is relatively high. When going out, it turns from hot to cold. The body is not used to it, and it is easy to catch a cold. Now I have a good diet, and it is best to ventilate more in daily life, keep the indoor temperature lower during the day, and exercise properly when it is cold.

Many times my hands and feet are cold , it’s not that your body has no energy, but that you lack exercise, the qi and blood are blocked, and the yang energy cannot reach the limbs, and it is stagnated in the body. After a long time, the body is prone to heat and cold troubles. It is very difficult to move properly in winter. Necessary.

If the ambient temperature is hot Just reduce the intake of high-calorie meat and spicy food to avoid body heat problems.

It is convenient to take a bath now, don’t take it too often in winter, In the north, you don’t need to wash every day. In the south, you also need to wipe your body when you take a bath. Simple cleaning is enough.

Winter is already dry , Frequent bathing can easily lead to dry, itchy, and desquamated skin. Moreover, taking a bath activates qi and blood. Some people can’t sleep after taking a bath before going to bed, because the yang qi is mobilized.

After taking a shower, Applying a little skin care lotion will make you feel better.

Eat less cold food , Eating right is the supplement

“Do not eat raccoon meat, it will hurt people’s soul. Do not eat snails, clams, crabs and turtles, it will damage people’s vitality and cause dead insects. Do not eat menstrual summer vinegar, it will cause hair wind and become water disease Do not eat lettuce, it is heartbreaking.”

The ancients were not as aware of parasites as modern people, and it is not recommended to eat snail crabs in winter months. Now everyone has a strong sense of hygiene. Some snails and crabs are eaten fresh and clean, and they are also carefully cooked. In fact, there is no problem and they can be eaten.

It should be noted that Eat less raw and cold food to avoid damaging the yang energy in the body. Foods that are lower than body temperature need more yang energy to warm and digest when eaten into the stomach.

November Early winter is the stage of winter tonic. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, there are many kinds of supplements. The right supplement is nourishment, and the wrong supplement is injury.

Before winter supplementation Find out which food is right for your body.

Qi deficiency constitution, daily Tired easily, complexion yellow, eat more foods that invigorate the spleen and qi, such as millet, yam, glutinous rice, peanuts, astragalus, sweet potatoes, carrots, soy milk, etc.

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Yin deficiency constitution, pale or yellow complexion, less menstruation, Postponement, easy to get angry, irritated, dry skin, eat more nourishing yin and blood foods, such as animal liver, longan, lily, black sesame, mulberry, wolfberry, pork, white fungus, milk, eggs, autumn and winter seasonal fruits, etc.

Yang deficiency constitution, The body is afraid of the cold, the energy is poor, and the legs and feet are cold. Eat more foods that warm the sun and dispel the cold, such as lamb, shrimp, beef, leek, eel, raspberry, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, etc. Eat less food that nourishes yin and is too greasy every day.

For a peaceful physique, In winter, if you want to nourish your kidneys and lay a solid foundation, or if you are physically deficient, you can use black beans, wolfberries, and mulberries to boil water in winter, or put some in soup.

《Medicinal properties “On” said wolfberry: “replenishing essence, all deficiencies, easy color, whitening, eyesight…it makes people live longer.”

Life Ritual Sense of Winter Moon

“On the third day of this month, it is advisable to fast and meditate. On the tenth day, it is advisable to pull out gray hair. , it is advisable to recite good fortune and blessings, and avoid disasters.”

The “Huangdi Neijing” talks about “nourishing yin in autumn and winter”. In winter, yang energy is closed and stored, proper quiet, meditation, less thinking about various things, and letting the mind return to the body to rest is also a kind of nourishing.

In addition to nourishing the body , but also to cultivate temperament and have kind thoughts in your heart. Although blessings have not yet arrived, disasters are far away.

November, Let the body and mind be more relaxed and simple, with fewer thoughts, the body will also be comfortable.

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