He didn’t pay attention to this when he was camping. He had “worms” all over his body. An expert from Zhejiang No. 1: It is very important to do this during vacations.

Where is the National Day this year?

Many people have to say

Xiaobian, you are asking this, I am afraid it is not a fight.

The current domestic epidemic is still spreading in more places

Let’s squat at home

That being said, but these two years

Short trips and self-driving tours have become the first choice for many people

More and more people go camping, picnics

Of course, the news of being bitten by insects, diarrhea, etc. is not rare.

Reminder from experts in the Department of Infectious Diseases of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine

While in close contact with nature

Don’t forget to protect yourself

Beware of bug bites or bacterial infections

Adventure on the Prairie

He has worms in his body

“Recently, we have received quite a lot of insect bite patients.” Professor Sheng Jifang, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University, introduced that the department received a myiasis patient not long ago.

The 30-year-old loves nature and adventures. This time he went to the prairie alone to explore. He set up tents and camped by himself at night. Before the trip was over, he appeared When I had erythema on my neck and back, I thought it was a mosquito bite at first, but I didn’t take it to heart after spraying some mosquito repellent. It was not until after returning to Hangzhou that the erythema on the back of his neck was swollen and painful, and he had a fever, so he rushed to the First Hospital of Zhejiang University for treatment.

After ruling out the possibility of the new crown, he was admitted to the infectious disease ward, and was diagnosed with myiasis by the medical team led by Director Sheng Jifang. “We took out a lot of maggots from the erythema on his body, and judged that he was accidentally bitten by a gadfly while camping, causing the eggs to be parasitized in his body, thus suffering from myiasis.” Director Sheng Jifang said that after a period of anti-fungal treatment Infection and other treatment, the patient has recovered and discharged.

Gadfly, web image

Do this for wild camping, beware of insect bites

In recent years, camping and camping have become more and more popular, especially now is a good time to go out and play in autumn, but it is also the peak period of insect activities. Professor Sheng Jifang reminded that people should be careful when playing in the wild. Insect bites, in Zhejiang Province, it is especially necessary to prevent tick bites. Since summer and autumn, the Department of Infectious Diseases of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University has received a number of patients infected with the new Bunia virus caused by tick bites, and there is still a certain risk of infection. If you feel unwell after being bitten by an insect, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

A tick removed by a doctor from a patient

After infection with the novel bunya virus, patients often experience symptoms such as fever, bleeding, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, poor appetite, abdominal distension and diarrhea. Ticks are common in environments such as forests, bushes, open pastures, grasslands, and mountains.

Experts remind that when playing in the wild, try to avoid sitting, lying and playing in the grass, woods and other places for a long time, and it is best to wear long-sleeved clothes, tight trousers, and no sandals when traveling. If you are bitten by a tick, do not forcefully pull the tick out, apply alcohol, etc. to the head of the tick, let it loosen and fall off on its own, or go to the hospital for treatment.

Therefore, it is recommended to bring disinfectant alcohol when traveling, not only for epidemic prevention and disinfection, but also for some emergencies.

Be wary of traveler’s diarrhea, these habits are unacceptable

In addition to insect bites, care should be taken when playing in the wild due to poor hygiene conditions.It is necessary to prevent digestive tract diseases caused by rotavirus and norovirus, and be alert to “traveler’s diarrhea”, especially at the turn of summer and autumn.

The so-called traveler’s diarrhea, in layman’s terms, refers to diarrhea or intestinal disorders accompanied by fever, abdominal pain, vomiting and other symptoms during or after travel. “Most of the diarrhea is contagious, and the pathogens are bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, etc.” Sheng Jifang said that the disease is different from ordinary diarrhea, not only with nausea, vomiting, fever, fatigue, muscle pain and other symptoms during the attack, Some younger patients are also prone to dehydration, and the vast majority are unable to move normally within 24 hours of an attack and have to cancel or adjust their schedules.

Experts remind that there is a lack of clean water sources and conditions for cooked food in the wild, so when playing in the wild, you should avoid drinking some stream water and spring water directly, try to bring your own clean water, and do not drink raw or uncooked water. cooked food.

Protect yourself and say “goodbye” to the flu

The breath of autumn is already strong, and the slightest coolness is coming. Whether you are staying at home or going out to play, you should prevent respiratory diseases, especially influenza.

Influenza occurs in autumn and winter, and people are generally susceptible. It is different from the common cold. It is an acute febrile respiratory infectious disease caused by influenza virus and spreads through droplets such as sneezing and coughing. It can also be transmitted directly or indirectly through mucous membranes such as the oral cavity, nasal cavity, and eyes.

“Influenza is highly contagious. If one person is recruited, the whole family may be infected.” Sheng Jifang reminds everyone to prevent influenza from daily life, such as opening windows frequently, washing hands frequently, and strengthening outdoor Physical exercise can enhance physical fitness, improve the body’s ability to resist diseases, quit smoking and drinking, drink more boiled water, bring enough clothes when you go out and change clothes according to the weather changes.

Small holiday gives time for rest and entertainment

However, the current domestic epidemic situation is still spreading in more places

Don’t take it lightly in your leisure time

The strings of epidemic prevention should still be tight

Whether it is a short trip or a stay at home

Do personal protection, wear a mask, wash your hands frequently

Travel by car as much as possible to reduce unnecessary gatherings

Exercise and keep fit

If you feel unwell, seek medical attention in time for screening

Anyway, let’s all have a healthy holiday