Has Cai Xukun had plastic surgery? Falling out with the former brokerage company, revealing the details of the plastic surgery, the cost reached 790,000

I have to say that today’s entertainment circle is extremely lively. Earlier, Wang Xiaofei posted dozens of microblogs breaking the news about Big S, and later, Cai Xukun’s former agency broke the news that his plastic surgery cost 790,000 yuan. It successively included the specific cost of plastic surgery, as well as pictures of Cai Xukun’s changes in recent years. Since his debut, Cai Xukun has been the elder brother in everyone’s mind. He has been controversial, but he is definitely top-notch. As soon as there is a show, etc., it will be on the hot search immediately.

I have to say entertainment Artists in the entertainment circle are closely related to their brokerage companies, but they are able to personally post and break the news that Cai Xukun has had plastic surgery, which is really rare.

Did Cai Xukun have plastic surgery? Falling out with the former brokerage company, revealing the details of the plastic surgery, the cost reached 790,000 The company brought out the training report signed by Cai Xukun and the overall training and plastic surgery expenses. From the list, the cost is about 790,000 yuan. When the news came out, everyone was stunned.

Many artists in the entertainment industry terminated their contract with the telecommunications company, which is regarded as a peaceful coexistence, but it is a unilateral termination of the contract, which caused the company to bear a lot of losses, so the two parties began to ignore the previous split. The company also stated that Cai Xukun’s growth photos in recent years have been recorded, and a lot of money was wasted to shape and promote him. Such early termination of the contract caused the company to suffer huge losses and compensation. Therefore, it is necessary to ask for corresponding responsibilities through the correct channels.

List of fees listed It shows that the management of hair is about 850,000 RMB, while the cost of plastic surgery is about 790,000 RMB. It is not difficult to see that Cai Xukun’s changes in the past few years are indeed obvious to all, and his whole person has become more and more meticulous.

In fact, this point is quite controversial Yes, because the plastic surgery fee given by the company, the cost of the entire team, cannot be regarded as Cai Xukun himself. Moreover, the whole fee seems very vague, and netizens didn’t buy it, and even ridiculed the company’s vague rhetoric for misleading people. Thus leading everyone to cyberbully Cai Xukun.

I have to say that the conflict between the two is unavoidable, and both parties are mediating , can only be solved by law.

For fans, their brother is naturally flawless, so they They also released a lot of photos of Cai Xukun when he was growing up, proving that he did not have plastic surgery. But it’s getting longer and wider. For this matter, Cai Xukun did not give a positive response, but chose to deal with it coldly.

Entertainment Plastic surgery in Li is commonplace, and it is not worth discussing. As long as you look good, everyone will turn a blind eye and let it pass. But some people are just the opposite. They have undergone plastic surgery and have undergone major changes, but they are stubborn, saying that they just had their teeth pulled out, a few wisdom teeth were removed, and so on.

It is indeed too strange to modify the face into an oval face. Also Some experts said that tooth extraction cannot slim the face, but only reduce swelling. It has to be said that these celebrities have gone to great lengths to cover up the truth about their plastic surgery.

In fact, many well-known Male stars have all had plastic surgery, such as Nie Yuan, William Chan, Lin Haoyang, Raymond Lam, Wang Youshuo, Chen Xiaodong and so on. Many people are very exaggerated, with big eyes, big nose, high nose bridge, and pointed chin. The main reason is that it is embarrassing, a good hand is poorly played.

Although it is said that the mixed entertainment industry can indeed have traffic resources and even a lot of money, But no one knows the sadness behind it. In order to share a piece of cake in the entertainment industry, she spent several years tossing and doing plastic surgery on her face, which was ruined and judged by netizens.