Facelift, lack of strength, fake body and fake abs, are the “fake men” in the entertainment industry true or false?

There are so many handsome men and beautiful women in the entertainment circle, they can make fans’ hearts move with a slight smile on the camera. And celebrities are also absolute winners in the hearts of the public, with good body, good looks, rich and powerful. In fact, everyone is blinded by the persona they created. Maybe the idol in your heart is a fake man who can’t lift heavy objects, can’t hold an actress, and is full of plastic surgery marks. There are indeed more and more small fresh meats, but do they really have the strength?

I have to say that most of the current male stars are There are very few vases who are quite capable with a professional background. As long as you can engage in traffic to guide fans, then you are a good star.

Plastic face, lack of strength, fake body and fake abs, the “fake men” in the entertainment industry are true and false ?

Chen Xiaodong – Facelift

Some time ago, Chen Xiaodong was very surprised when he chased his brothers in front of the public in a variety show. How did the male god back then become like this? The weird silicone feeling on the chin is obviously full of plastic surgery marks, especially when making some expressions, it is particularly hideous and terrifying. People complained one after another that a good male star turned into a snake face. Back then, Chen Xiaodong was a sunny boy with bright eyes and white teeth, the most popular idol in Hong Kong at the end of the century. After that, the career slowly went downhill. Now it looks like a sad frog, with a swollen face, like a steamed bun.

Many netizens complained about why the male god back then changed It became like this. Very exaggerated, it looks like a hoe from the side, with a high and wide nose, like an Avatar. And the standard European-style big double eyelids are terrible. I don’t know what he went through.

Gao Weiguang——Unable to hug the actress

Gao Weiguang and Di Lieba have collaborated in the two “Three Lives III”. The two are very sweet and warm, and the story of the little fox loving God is eye-catching. In fact, Gao Weiguang is very tall and looks very strong. But in the tidbits, he couldn’t hold Di Lieba in his arms no matter what, and shot it many times. I have to say that the physical fitness of male artists is really bad now.

After reading this paragraph, Gao Weiguang leaned on the wall and panted heavily He was angry, and even complained about Di Lieba’s weight. However, fans persuaded him to go back to exercise quickly, because Di Lieba is not fat, so don’t push the pot around.

Xu Weizhou – can’t draw the bow/span>

In fact, many years ago, costume dramas and so on had to have the basic skills of ordinary horse-riding bow and archery, so you must find a martial arts team. But people nowadays value the management of appearance, whether you can ride a horse bow or not, as long as you look good, you can be the leading actor. As long as the strength is not enough, there will be a stand-in actor to replace it. If you force some ordinary props by yourself, it will be difficult to get them.

Xu Weizhou in the picture is shooting an arrow, but people find that his appearance is very strange, because the bow string is clearly installed backwards. And the Lin Gengxin in the picture below is also pretending to shoot arrows The bowstring is reversed. Of course people don’t pay attention to these details, they only care about whether the hero is handsome or not. Anyway, there will be post-processing, and a little modification can become a person with high martial arts.


Ren Jialun—Rubber Abs

In the entertainment circle, the body management of male artists is very important. After taking off their clothes, they are full of fat. How can people see it? But there are few people who are self-disciplined and serious like Peng Yuyan There are very few of them, and many of them are made with props. Yang Yang always puts fake shoulders on when he shoots military circles, so as to highlight his muscles.

< img class="content_title" height="300" layout="responsive" sizes="(min-width: 320px) 320px, 100vw" src="https://p3-sign.toutiaoimg.com/tos-cn-i-qvj2lq49k0/3fc8d9728eca49c9a1275876adc6a969~tplv-tt-large.image?x-expires=1984644307&x-signature=yfxtLPCTETbgvlNqZfqoVZAvd0E%6D0"width "pgc-img-caption">

It is more obvious that Ren Jialun and Di Lieba filmed the first acquaintance with Jun. The picture of getting out of the water is very handsome, but at a glance it looks like 8 pack abs, are you fooling the audience? It’s full of silicone, no matter how modified it is, it can’t match this face at all, it’s really embarrassing. If there is, there is no, why do you have to engage in such a mess?

I have to say that the current entertainment industry is definitely a mess, good and bad are mixed, and good and bad are mixed. It is said that the money for actors is too easy to earn. Sure enough, everyone wants to have plastic surgery to preserve their youth, and to have a few more years of acting career.