Half of life’s failure is due to “laziness”

What is laziness is what should be done. The waist is soft and the belly is hard, the bones are loose and the muscles are painful, and I don’t want to do it. So there is a sentence: “The more you sit, the lazier you will be, the more lazy you will be. The more hungry you eat.”

Many people lament bad luck, unfair fate, blame heaven and earth, blame the government, blame their parents for not giving gold and silver mountains, and blame their wives for not being “prosperous”. Blame “myself”.

The current epidemic situation has made many people unable to afford “mortgage loans” and “car loans”. : “What did you do before the epidemic?!”.

If you have surplus food at home, don’t panic. Where does the surplus food come from? From the fact that “income is greater than expenditure” and there is a surplus, the most pressured by the epidemic is usually the most lazy before the epidemic. It may not sound good, but it is reasonable.

Talented people lose out on arrogance, and ordinary people lose out on laziness, laziness will “sit and eat”, and laziness will “breed” “bad habits” and tremble The sound soaks the feet, and every second is comfortable.

Overcoming laziness may not lead to success and fame, but you will definitely have a good life. People cannot change their birth, but they can change “laziness”.