Gout, why do you prefer to torture men?

Dian has a brother

Gout at a young age

Each seizure

Look at his distressed appearance

I always feel my joints hurt too

Today’s topic

Gout prefers boys

Is it because they like to eat and drink?

Statistics as of February 2016

The ratio of male to female gout patients in my country is 15:1[1]

This disproportion is really serious

But simply blame them for eating and drinking

Boys are also a bit wronged

Our bodies metabolize “junk” every day

Uric acid is one of them

It needs the kidneys and intestines to run regularly[2]

During garbage delivery

The difference between men and women comes out!

Androgens dominate in men

Women are estrogen and progesterone

On transporting uric acid waste

Androgens are the roadblock

It will stop the garbage truck from working

Estrogen is the opposite, it’s an accelerator

It can improve the transportation efficiency of uric acid waste

So after menopause when female hormones drop

The incidence of gout is similar to that of men[3]

Our bodies

Maximum uric acid waste is 1200 mg[2]

The human body produces 750 mg of uric acid waste per day[2]

Kidney Garbage Truck

Remove 500-1000 mg of uric acid per day[2]

When the balance between production waste and metabolic waste is broken

After the extra uric acid enters the blood

Start making waves

Blood uric acid levels are on the rise

The normal value of serum uric acid is 420μmol/L[2]

Be vigilant if it exceeds

When the saturation solubility is finally reached

Urate crystals will precipitate

When landing on joints and surrounding tissue

“Community Security” – inflammatory cells will be dispatched immediately

Fight with uric acid crystals

You will experience joint pain at this point

This is the gout attack

Body pain is already painful

What is more worrying is the lack of freedom to eat and drink

Brother Dian has sorted out the strategy for you

How do I eat and drink?

What to drink:

Boiled water, mineral water: At least 2000ml[4] per day (4 bottles of 500ml mineral water)

Milk: Low-fat and non-fat, especially, may reduce the risk of gout. Be careful not to treat lactic acid bacteria drinks as milk, if you drink the wrong one, gout will come to find fault[5]


Wine or alcoholic beverages, no

Sweet drinks, no! Just think about cola, fruit juice, vitamin drinks, don’t move your mouth

Fish soup[6], chicken soup, seafood soup[7] stay away

Dian doesn’t want to talk about eating and drinking all the time

But gout is not free to eat and drink because of purines!

Uric acid comes from it

20% of purines are ingested in vitro and 80% are produced endogenously

However, this 20% control is key

Uric acid can be reduced by 10% to 18% by controlling diet[8]

Of course among first-degree relatives

Friends with hyperuricemia or gout

Pay extra attention to your diet

Do regular checkups, don’t relax

Final crash

Controlling your weight and exercising is also crucial

Starting tonight

Run for 30 minutes with Dian every day

Like and watch

Thank you~

Reviewer: Yang Tiesheng

Chief Physician of the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology, Peking University People’s Hospital


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Editors: Guo Qian, Wu Jiaxiang, Wang Yan

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