Girls with “painful faces”, these characteristics are obvious! Looks low and looks old, come in and check it out

With the emergence of the medical beauty industry, more and more people join the ranks of plastic surgery. The way of transforming beauty through medical means is called plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can be described as amazing workmanship, square face can be sharpened, small eyes can be enlarged, only you can’t think of it, no one can’t do it, even bones can be eliminated and worn away for you.

After plastic surgery, people’s facial features will be more three-dimensional and refined, in line with facial contours and lines. Because of this, celebrities and Internet celebrities have led teams to plastic surgery. People around them are secretly becoming beautiful, so ordinary people will face serious appearance anxiety. But some people are special. No matter how plastic surgery is done, the face will not lose its appearance, which makes people look sad and very uncomfortable.

Girls with “painful faces”, these characteristics are obvious! Looks low and looks old, come in and have a look

First, the temples are sunken

The sunken temples will form a very serious bitter face, because the lower part is relatively round, once the temples are sunken, there will be a kind of unbalanced lines The feeling is that it is difficult to get close, and it is more fierce. In this case, the shortcomings can be covered up by improving the hairstyle. It is recommended that the temples are severely sunken, and the entire forehead should not be exposed, otherwise it will deepen the feeling of going to work, when the face is narrow and the face is half wide. Very uncoordinated.

Second, nasal base depression

If women have severe nasal base depression, they will be particularly distressed , but the nose shape of oriental women is basically this shape. The situation may not be too serious from the front, but it is not smooth from the side, and it is easy to look old without the beauty of lines. In this case, you can highlight the nose to make the bridge of the nose more three-dimensional.

Third, the corners of the mouth are down

This is also a very typical bitter face, the corners of the mouth are very down It is difficult to improve through medical means, and the only way to thicken the lower lip is to increase the fullness through plastic surgery. Or transform a smile. But in general, the downward angle of the lips is difficult to change through cosmetic surgery. Usually the expression is too exaggerated, sad, or the parents have this kind of situation, the corners of the mouth will appear down.

Fourth, too high cheekbones

Girls with too high cheekbones make people feel very sharp and fierce, especially It has high cheekbones and a depression below the cheekbones, a typical feature of a bitter face. After middle age, collagen is lost, the skin sags, and high cheekbones tend to look old. If you want to improve this situation, you can enhance the overall fullness by pushing the cheekbones or filling the lower part.

If you don’t want to change through plastic surgery, high cheekbones can be improved through makeup. For example, play some shadows in the prominent places, and some highlights in the sunken places.

Fifth, law pattern

If the base of the nose is severely sunken, nasolabial folds will be obvious. This is because the inner line of the facial muscles and the downward direction of the nasolabial folds make the whole person look depressed. The sense of aging is serious. If you add the huge tear groove lying on the silkworm, the whole person looks tired and very old. To improve this situation, you can perform tear groove removal, plus facelift surgery to smooth the nasolabial folds, so that the whole body The face is tense.

Li Qin is more representative. His beauty is hard to be found, and he is very plain. He has a very serious bitterness. It is precisely because the middle part of the nose face is relatively flat, and the face cannot hang the flesh and is not full. Any more collagen can eliminate this feeling. Once the face is weak, people will focus on the eyebrows and eyes, and his coldness is obvious.

And Lan Yingying is also one of them, his nasal bone is flat, flat and bland. Especially when the corners of the mouth droop, it makes people feel very depressed. The cheekbones are a little protruding, which weakens the three-dimensional sense of facial features, and feels like crying.