Ghibli Park promotional video released on November 1, the official opening of the park

Today (August 5th), the Ghibli Park in Aichi Prefecture, which will open on November 1st, will release an animated short film, with music by Joe Hisaishi, narration by Toshio Suzuki, and a cat bus carrying Totoro, the second son, A man with a face appeared, with the opening date of Ghibli Park printed on the body. The method of purchasing tickets has also been announced, and the reservation system is adopted: the first batch of tickets in November will be reserved from August 10, and the lottery results will be announced on September 2.

Promotional video: Youku Video Cloud

The first phase of the park has three areas, namely “The Hill of Youth” and “Ghibli’s Big Warehouse” ” and “My Neighbor Totoro Forest”. In addition, “Ghost Village” and “Witch’s Valley” will open next year.

“The Hill of Youth”, overlooking the park from the hill is the “Earth House” in “Listen to the Side”, from the balcony you can have a sweeping view of the park; “Ghibli’s big warehouse “A room with restaurants, cinemas, shops and Ghibli exhibits; “My Neighbor Totoro Forest” is the home of the two sisters Satsuki and Xiaomei in “My Neighbor Totoro”, as well as the surrounding woods. In Ghibli’s theme park, there will be a cafeteria street in “Spirited Away”, a walking path in “My Neighbor Totoro”, a “Cat Office” in “Cat’s Repayment”, and “Castle in the Sky” , “Howl’s Moving Castle” designed for the impression of elevator buildings and other landscapes.

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