Genetics make you fat? Can you lose weight without eating dinner? The 9 most error-prone true-and-true questions for dieters!

The ancients said that “every festival you gain three pounds”, the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. How many pounds are you going to gain this holiday?

Today, let’s talk about how to lose the “30 kilograms gained during the festive season”.

The following are 9 true-false questions, all around the most basic questions about weight loss. Some you may already know the answer to, and some you may never have thought of. Come on, try it out…

Puzzle 1: Want to lose weight, don’t eat after 8pm?


It’s not when you eat that causes you to gain weight, it’s what and how much you eat. The reason why some weight loss recipes suggest that you eat dinner ahead of time and stop eating anything else is because some people (especially those who skip a meal during the day) tend to overeat at night . Conversely: If you find yourself overeating at dinner, chances are you’re not getting enough good-quality calories during the day.

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Strategy: You can rest assured to eat something after dinner, as long as you pay attention to what you eat – try fruit, low-fat and low-sugar food Yogurt, skim milk cereal instead of ice cream and chips? Or try 100kcal snack biscuits instead of puffed food?

As for those silly kids who “lose weight today and skip dinner”, I admire your willpower from being hungry from 4pm to 11pm. But then again, even if you let your stomach growl and insist on not getting out of bed to cook instant noodles…is the pain really worth it? After all, it’s not dinner or supper that makes you fat, it’s everything you eat. Instead of restraining your desires, you need to plan reasonably to satisfy yourself.

And the real danger of late-night snacking is excess. Don’t stop talking while sitting in front of the TV, it won’t help you even if you “haven’t had dinner at all”…

Puzzle 2: 1 gram of fat = 1 gram of protein?


100 pounds of bricks and 100 pounds of feathers, which is heavier? You must have done this question, right? The answer is, of course, the same weight. But 100 pounds of feathers must take up a lot more space than 100 pounds of bricks. The same principle applies to analyzing the relationship between weight and calories: 1 gram of protein contains 4 kcal, 1 gram of carbohydrates also contains 4 kcal, and 1 gram of fat contains 9 kcal. So, from this perspective, 1 gram of fat ≠ 1 gram of protein.

Don’t look at a small strip of bacon, it may have more calories than a whole bottle of yogurt. | pixabay

Tips: Even if the servings of two foods are the same, one food is likely to contain more calories than the other. That’s why those “low-fat”, “zero-fat” products are so popular. Control your daily fat intake and keep your daily calorie intake within your budget. At the same time, it is no longer difficult to keep your pants size in the same number.

Puzzle 3: Are calories good or bad?

How can…

We should understand: A calorie is a measure of heat—the amount of heat required to raise 1 gram of water by 1 degree Celsius at 1 standard atmosphere. People gain weight because we consume more calories than we consume, and from this perspective, all calories in the world are the same.

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However, not all foods with calories are created equal. Inferior carbohydrates (refined monosaccharides) are quickly digested and absorbed into the blood after entering the body. When blood sugar is too high, excess sugar is stored as fat. The fiber in high-quality carbohydrates helps slow down the digestion of sugar and control blood sugar levels, allowing the body to burn off those calories longer before the excess sugar is converted into fat.

Although the calories are the same, foods that contain the same calories can be really good and bad.

Tips: Get a wider variety of carbohydrates—fruits, vegetables, and whole grains—Avoid sugar and refined grains >. Another reason to choose high-quality carbohydrates is that blood sugar levels can fluctuate significantly with the rapid digestion of simple sugars, which can lead to fatigue and poor appetite control. This is not good news for us who already find it difficult to control our appetite.

Puzzle 4: Are you genetically determined to lose weight?


When you see the hands swaying from side to side on the scale, don’t stop blaming your parents. Although it is true that genes have a great influence on our body composition, we can still control it through an active lifestyle and a sensible diet. Even if you’re lucky, your ancestors gave you the skinny gene, you should still eat right and exercise more for your health.

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Recipe: It’s not that your weight can’t be changed, it’s: If you do nothing, nothing will change. So start by doing more exercise and paying more attention to the food you eat? Even if you just can’t lose weight, healthy lifestyle habits can have a major impact on your longevity and quality of life.

Actually, the secret to losing weight is nothing more than persistence, self-discipline, and after reaching your goals, remember not to slack off and get back into the bad habits of the past.

Puzzle 5: Do not eat if you are not hungry, or you will gain weight?


Those who skip meals or eat irregularly tend to overeat to compensate for the food they don’t get. Also, eating too few calories can actually make it easier for your body to store fat and burn fewer calories.

If you’re hungry and have a big meal, it’s better to add some snacks before. | pixabay

Strategy: It’s far better to eat less and more often than to starve. And, mom was right: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast will give you energy and fuel for the day ahead, so don’t skip breakfast!

Puzzle 6: Lose weight without red meat?

Red meat, despite being slightly higher in fat and cholesterol, has advantages and is delicious. | pixabay

No. Because red meat is also a great source of protein and iron.

Tips: Choose lean meats like sirloin, brisket, extra-lean ground beef—and get rid of the fat. Food control is the key, try reducing your red meat intake to one and a half times a week. Also, the size and thickness of the red meat you eat should be the size and thickness of your palm, not your boyfriend’s palm or Shaquille O’Neal’s palm~

Puzzle 7: “Over the Counter,” “Natural,” “Herbal Extracts” = Safe, Effective?


The nutshell er probably won’t be able to do this wrong, right? Aristolochia, broccoli, and poisonous mushrooms are all “natural”, but their risks are far greater than many “chemical synthetic drugs”.

And when it comes to weight loss, medication needs to be more cautious. The ephedra diet pills of the 1990s are a good example. Beauty is the icing on the cake, but no beauty is worth sacrificing your health. Just because you can buy it at a health food store doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

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Strategy:Although there is no weight loss elixir in the world,There are also several drugs approved for weight management in specific groups of people. Medications, low-calorie diets, and exercise programs are all three-pronged to help you lose weight. Reminder: Before you take any medication, you should consult your doctor.

Puzzle 8: Sweaty = weight loss?

In hot weather, you will naturally sweat more. Don’t think that the more sweat you sweat, the more effective your exercise will be. | pixabay


There is no relationship between sweating and losing weight. Sweating just means your body is cooling itself down. Everyone sweats differently; as for the special “diet clothes” that wrap in plastic wrap, or make you sweat, you may indeed lose weight immediately – but the principle is that you take it off! water! ! This has nothing to do with losing fat at all.

Recipe: The best way to lose weight is to exercise that fits your lifestyle and pace, because you can stick to it all the time. Whether during aerobic or anaerobic exercise, muscles continue to burn calories after exercise. Quickly remove the plastic wrap, it’s not good for your skin either.

Puzzle 9: Is there any special food for weight loss in the world?

I can’t bear to pour cold water on you, but…

Grapefruit is delicious and lovely, but eating too much may affect the metabolism of certain drugs. | pixabay

Wasabi? Grapefruit? green tea? celery? None. No single food can burn fat for you. There may be foods that temporarily boost your metabolism, but they won’t help you lose weight in the long run.

You may see research data to support this claim, but in these studies, the people involved in the study were taking a large amount of a certain food or natural supplement over a long period of time. – Do not imitate these experiments at home, consuming a large amount of a single food will offset the body’s balance of digestion, absorption, and neutralization of metabolic byproducts or toxins. Even if you are determined to try your best, eating only grapefruit for a month will make you feel depressed…

As for what you want to eat at a regular time every day (such as a slice of raw bitter gourd before meals…isn’t the principle really so bitter that you can’t eat?) in addition to your daily diet. Lose weight easily… well, think beautiful.

Strategy: No matter how easy and magical the so-called special effects foods make weight loss seem, don’t believe them. In fact, the so-called healthy and effective way to lose weight lies in exercise and a reasonable diet; occasionally eating chocolate chip cookies is also fine.

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