Garlic is the “catalyst” of liver disease? Doctor: If you want to nourish your liver, you need to choose 4 kinds of food carefully

Introduction: There are various blood vessels and organs distributed vertically and horizontally in each of our bodies, and they depend on each other and survive each other. Only then can the normal physiological functions and life activities of people’s bodies be effectively completed.

The liver cannot be replaced by any tissue or organ, and it plays a very important role in the human body role in helping the body metabolize and detoxify, and proteins, sugars and fats are all synthesized in the liver.

Because there is no pain inside the liver Nerves, even if it is a liver lesion, we will not find it, but when we go to the doctor, we usually miss the best time for treatment.

Some time ago, there were rumors on the Internet that garlic is a “catalyst” for liver disease, and it cannot be used for liver disease patients Eat garlic, so is this statement true or false? Today I will take you to understand this topic together.

Nutritional value of garlic

Every 100 grams of garlic contains 4.5 grams of protein, 69.6 grams of water, 22.36 grams of carbohydrates, 0.38 mg of iron, 5.33 mg of calcium, 56 mg of phosphorus and 5.6 mg of vitamin C.

In addition, garlic is also rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and B vitamins It also contains selenium, sulfur, organic compounds and a variety of active enzyme substances.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, garlic is pungent and warm in nature, which can warm the spleen and stomach, relieve stagnant qi, It has the functions of treating stagnation, eliminating stagnation, diarrhea, cold and pain in the abdomen, etc.

Modern research shows that garlic is rich in allinase and alliin, two substances Allicin will be produced after contact, which has a bactericidal effect.

Garlic is rich in alkaloids, which can help lower blood sugar.

Appropriate amount What benefits will the body reap from eating garlic?

lower blood fat

Alliin in garlic can effectively reduce blood viscosity, help improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular arteriosclerosis, and bring about the effect of lowering blood lipids.

Inflammatory and antibacterial

Allicin and alliin in garlic will form allicin in the stomach, and this substance has a very strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect, which can quickly Good antibacterial, antifungal and insecticidal.

Improve the body’s immunity< /span>

Allicin in garlic can effectively promote the vitality and quantity of immune cells such as lymphocytes, T lymphocytes and macrophages.

It can effectively improve cellular immunity and non-specific immune function, and help enhance the body’s immunity and resistance .

Enhance appetite

< p data-track="23">Garlic is rich in sulfide compounds, and also contains various vitamins, sugars, and amino acids, which can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility and help increase appetite , improve loss of appetite and other problems.

garlic Is the “catalyst” of liver disease?

The liver is a very important detoxification organ in our body. , without timely corresponding conditioning and treatment, then the metabolic waste and garbage in the body will not be able to combine and decompose smoothly, and if they accumulate in the body for a long time, it will easily affect the normal function of the body.

For those whose liver function is not very good, they should pay attention to conditioning, and never Ability to allow liver disease to progress.

Some people think The liver is not good, so you can’t eat garlic, because everyone thinks that garlic contains certain irritating substances, which will easily increase the burden on the liver after entering the body, and it is not conducive to the improvement of the liver.

In fact, such a statement is completely wrong, because the liver is an organ that breaks down metabolic waste, and it is appropriate to Eating some garlic can actually help to promote the elimination of harmful substances, and can also help reduce the burden on the liver.

But I want to remind everyone here that although eating some garlic properly can bring benefits to your health, but The intake should also be controlled, and not excessive intake, otherwise it will easily affect the health of the individual.

Doctor: If you want to nourish your liver, you may need to choose 4 kinds of food carefully


Wine can be said to be a common sight on the dining table. For most people, they have the habit of drinking in their daily life.

But I need to remind everyone here that not only are people who can’t do a good job less able to drink, even People who want to nourish the liver and protect the liver are not suitable for drinking.

This is because alcohol is metabolized by liver cells in the liver and has a certain toxic effect on liver cells. Drinking alcohol can easily induce liver cirrhosis, alcoholic fatty liver, and even liver cancer.


Leeks can actually be regarded as a kind of hair. After all, leeks have a certain degree of irritation. For patients with liver disease, they need to eat less leeks in daily life.

In addition, there are more crude fibers in leeks, which will easily affect digestion, and many leeks also have some pesticide residues.

These pesticide residues will be metabolized through the liver, which will cause trouble to the liver, and will easily increase the burden on the liver, which is not conducive to nourishing and protecting the liver.< /span>

preserved food

In the process of making pickled food, a certain amount of nitrite will be produced, and nitrite will produce amine nitrite after it enters the human body.

Ammonium nitrite will easily affect the vitality and regeneration ability of stem cells, and will easily increase the metabolic burden of the liver, Increase the risk of liver and disease.

< strong>Moldy food

Diligence and thrift have always been the traditional virtues of our country, especially For the older generation, they are generally reluctant to throw away moldy and spoiled food.

If you find moldy food at home, you will cut off the moldy part and put the rest The lower part continues to be used, but these moldy foods generally have a large amount of aflatoxin.

Aflatoxin is a toxic substance, its toxicity is 68 times that of arsenic, aflatoxin After aspergillus toxin enters people’s body, the liver is the first to be damaged, which can easily induce liver cancer.

Reminder: If the liver is not good, you might as well eat more of these 3 fruits

Grapes< /span>

Eating more grapes properly can help reduce anger, because grapes are rich in vitamins and trace elements.

The vitamins and trace elements in it can also help repair the cells in the liver, thereby enhancing the function of the liver.


There is a book recorded in ancient times that eating some lychees properly can help to strengthen the liver and spleen.

In our daily life, if we want to better nourish the liver and protect the liver, we can also properly Eating some lychees can nourish the liver very well.


Sydney pear is a fruit that can nourish the lungs and clear dryness, and is very common in autumn and winter , rich in minerals and vitamins, can clear away heat and nourish the liver very well.

At the same time, Sydney can also effectively remove the dry air in the body. If you feel dry in autumn and winter, and If there is a strong liver fire, you can stew pears or eat pears directly, which can nourish the liver and detoxify well.

Conclusion: To protect the liver, do you have any other ideas and opinions? May wish to leave a message and share in the comment area below!