Fried eggs with it, eat 2 times a week, the liver is clean, the eyes are bright, not to be missed by men and women

“Pick its leaves in spring and call it Tianjingcao. Pick its flowers in summer and call it Changshengcao. Pick its seeds in autumn and call it medlar. In winter, pick its root bark, also known as fairy stick. Take it in four seasons. We are all familiar with wolfberry, and Tianjingcao refers to wolfberry leaf or wolfberry vegetable, which is the tender stem tip of wolfberry. Because of its rich nutrition, crisp and refreshing taste, it is called “the best in the world Healthy Vegetables”.

Wolfberry three parts:

1, Lycium barbarum Leavescan be used to make “medlar tea” for drinking or cooking

2, red fruit“medlar” span>Can be used for cooking or making tea;

3, Goji berriesalso known as “earth” “Bone skin”, when used as medicinal materials, there will be no side effects for long-term use

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Lycium barbarum leaves are vegetables, and most of them are used to make soup, such as wolfberry and pig liver soup, Salted egg wolfberry soup, etc., wolfberry porridge. Lycium barbarum leaf is also a medicinal material. In traditional Chinese medicine, wolfberry leaf is called “Dixian”. In addition to being used as a vegetable, there is also wolfberry leaf tea. Lycium barbarum leaf tea can be brewed like ordinary green tea and oolong tea. . The nutrition of wolfberry leaves is not lower than that of wolfberry at all. In addition to the nutritional value of wolfberry fruit, wolfberry leaves also have betaine and wolfberry leaf protein, which have a special effect on cleaning up toxins accumulated in capillaries in the liver. Its ability to remove liver toxins is more than 50 times that of ordinary wolfberry fruit.

Eating wolfberry leaves regularly can strengthen the body, beautify the face, clear blood and relieve heat, expel wind and improve eyesight, delay aging, reduce three highs, lose weight and lose weight. Diuretic and spleen and other effects.

Especially in spring, if you eat more wolfberry leaves, you can get good effects of nourishing liver qi and improving eyesight. Pork offal porridge is very popular in Panyu, Guangdong. It is based on porridge. The pork offal is rinsed and eaten, and then the wolfberry leaves are added. At this time, the porridge tastes like meat and has the fragrance of wolfberry leaves. It is very “harmonious”. taste”.

Most of the nutrients in wolfberry leaves and wolfberry buds are stored in young shoots and leaves.Today, I will use wolfberry tips and eggs to make a simple small dish Stir-fried vegetables— scrambled eggs with wolfberry leaves, try fresh vegetables in spring, may wish to eat more wolfberry leaves this season.

【Fried eggs with wolfberry leaves】

Ingredients preparation: 200 grams of wolfberry leaves, eggs 2 pieces.

Ingredients: 10 grams of salt, appropriate amount of cooking oil.

Step method:

1. First, we pick off the wolfberry leaves we bought, and put them into water after picking them. Washed clean. When picking the leaves, be sure to pick them off slowly, so as not to be hurt by the thorns on the stem of the wolfberry.

2. Boil water in a pot. After the water boils, add the washed wolfberry leaves and scald them slightly. After scalding the wolfberry leaves, use a slotted spoon to remove them and control the dry water for later use.

3. Cut out the wolfberry leaves with a knife and set aside. The cut leaves are more suitable for children to eat.

4. Prepare a suitable pea, then beat the eggs into a bowl, then add the wolfberry leaves that were cut before, add a little salt and stir together, and stir the two ingredients in one direction evenly.

5. Heat the oil in a pan. After the oil is hot, pour in the egg mixture and stir-fry slowly over low heat.

6. Fry the eggs over a low heat to form a shape, and then serve them on a plate. This delicious scrambled eggs with wolfberry leaves is ready. The egg is wrapped in wolfberry leaves, so it only has a faint fragrance, and there is no bitterness at all. The original taste is very delicious.