Four tourists were administratively punished and apologized for stepping on water with bare feet in Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot in Sichuan

Cover news trainee reporter Leng Yu reporter Wang Xianglong

On the afternoon of August 7, some netizens posted a video on social platforms of “4 tourists punching in the water with bare feet in the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot in Aba Prefecture” , aroused heated discussion among netizens.

Screenshot of video uploaded from the web

On August 9, the cover reporter learned from the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot Administration that on August 7, four tourists visiting the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot left the plank road and walking path at will, and stepped on the beach to tread water. After the incident, the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area Administration attached great importance to it, and cooperated with relevant law enforcement agencies to carry out an investigation in accordance with the law, and found four tourists in Songpan County.

After investigation, 4 tourists randomly left the plank road, trampled vegetation on the trail, stepped on the beach and stepped on water, which violated Article 27(7) of the Regulations on Scenic Spots of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. According to Article 46 of the Regulations on Scenic Spots of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, the Administration of Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot has imposed an administrative penalty on him according to law. The four tourists recognized the seriousness of the matter, deeply reflected on it, accepted the punishment, and apologized in writing.

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