[Follow] Jinan’s latest announcement that these people’s health codes will be “bright yellow cards”, and access to public places will be restricted

This afternoon
Jinan will continue to hold a press conference
inform about the situation of epidemic prevention and control

From 0:00 to 24:00 on April 18, 2022, the city reported 1 new local confirmed case, new There were 14 cases of local asymptomatic infection. All are currently receiving treatment at Shandong Provincial Public Health Clinical Center, and all cases are in stable condition. In the city, 6 local confirmed cases were discharged from hospital, and 3 local asymptomatic infections were released from medical observation.
Judging from the newly added local positive infections, 15 cases All were found during centralized quarantine and were construction site personnel.
CurrentlyThe city’s epidemic prevention and control situation is generally stable and controllable span>, we will continue to adhere to the combination of precise prevention and control with bottom-line prevention and control, comprehensively identify potential risks, dynamically optimize epidemic prevention and control measures, and continuously enhance the scientific and precise nature of our work. , effectiveness. According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, establish a “three-in-one” responsibility system for the labor market, “five small places” and construction sites, formulate guidelines for epidemic prevention and control in the labor market, continue to carry out “five small places” inspections, and further standardize construction site epidemic prevention and control work, Comprehensively search and eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers.
In view of the situation that the newly added positive cases are mainly related to construction sites, while ensuring the construction and production needs of enterprises as much as possible,< /span>All construction sites in the city will be fully closed for 7 days, and the requirements of centralized living, “7 inspections in 7 days, and 1 inspection per day” will be implemented em>, arrange special personnel to rely on the service to ensure that production and life will not be affected during the closure period. At the same time, all districts and counties (functional areas) have strengthened the standardized management and services of the labor market, strictly implemented the regulations on temperature monitoring, “health code”, “itinerary card” and “place code”, provided free nucleic acid sampling on site, done a good job in information registration, and found out the bottom line. Prevent relevant personnel with hidden dangers from entering the construction site.
For epidemic prevention and control, the rules are the first. Violations of relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control will be found and dealt with together. Violations of relevant epidemic prevention regulations by Dongrun Pharmacy recently, resulting in the risk of epidemic spread, will be dealt with seriously in accordance with laws and regulations, and relevant responsible persons will be dealt with severely. Responsibilities will also be seriously pursued in accordance with laws and regulations.
Our city is currently in a critical period of epidemic response. Here, we hope to remind the general public through the news media that our province has recently upgraded the health code. When citizens scan the site code to display the health code, the 7-day nucleic acid detection sign will be displayed simultaneously. If there is no negative nucleic acid test record within 7 days, the sign will turn yellow, that is, a bright yellow card. Citizens who have been “bright yellow cards” will be restricted from entering and leaving public places. I hope that the general public will consciously abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, take the initiative to participate in nucleic acid testing, and jointly build a strong line of defense against the epidemic.
No 7-day negative nucleic acid test records
There will be a bright yellow sign below the health code

Recently, our province has made a The code has been upgraded, and a sign appears in the first line of the upgraded electronic health code QR code, which we call the 7-day nucleic acid detection sign. If the person with the code has a negative nucleic acid test record within 7 days, the sign will remain blue. If there is no negative record within 7 days, the sign will turn yellow, that is, a bright yellow card.
(1)How to display and view nucleic acid detection signs. The 7-day nucleic acid detection sign is located in the first line below the QR code of the provincial electronic health code – the “nucleic acid detection information query” column. The sign is a blue circular icon with the words “7 d” (d is the first letter of the English day), which means that the nucleic acid test has been carried out within 7 days and the test result is negative; the sign is a yellow circle with the word “7 d” The icon indicates that there is no nucleic acid test record within 7 days. Since this function has just been launched, individual citizens who do not have a circular icon need to manually update the “Love Shandong” APP, WeChat or Alipay applet.
(2)Data sources for nucleic acid detection labels. The data displayed on the 7-day nucleic acid detection signboard comes from the provincial nucleic acid detection library. According to the relevant requirements of nucleic acid testing, after each nucleic acid testing agency samples and tests citizens, the data must be uploaded to the provincial nucleic acid database in time. The Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters has required the nucleic acid testing institutions in the city to strictly implement the application and data upload requirements of our province’s nucleic acid testing data system, and upload citizens’ nucleic acid testing information in a timely and accurate manner to avoid affecting citizens’ travel.
The 7-day nucleic acid detection sign is a phased measure for more accurate epidemic prevention and control. Citizens who have been “bright yellow cards” will be restricted from entering and leaving public places, we urge the general public to understand and Support and actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing.
It should be noted that the nucleic acid test sign only represents the nucleic acid test situation and has nothing to do with the color of the citizen’s electronic health code. The sign turns yellow does not mean that the electronic health code turns yellow .
Traveling for special groups section>

Jinan launches site code reverse scanning function
places The implementation of the code has realized the electronic health code display code and the temporal and spatial information records of the citizens, which is an effective measure to deal with the epidemic prevention and control. For special groups such as the elderly, infants and primary and secondary school students who cannot use smartphones, the provincial and municipal big data bureaus jointly researched and planned to launch the reverse scanning function of the location code on April 21, so that the electronic health code will become a “love” code”, making it no longer difficult for special groups to travel. Below, the relevant leadership instructions on this issue:

(1)How to apply for “Love Code” for special groups. It should be noted that the “Love Code” is not a new code, it is the Shandong electronic health code used by all of us, the elderly, infants and primary and secondary school students For special groups who cannot use smartphones, their family members can apply for it on their behalf through the “Family Agency” module of the Shandong Health Code Platform, and then print them through the “Health Code Printing” module, and then carry them with them. It should be noted that the “Love Code” is valid for 14 days, after which it needs to be reprinted for use.

(2) How to scan the code in reverse. Usually, the venue manager applies for and posts the venue code by himself, and the traveling citizens scan the code and display their electronic health code to pass. The “Love Code” is a reverse scan code. The traveler presents the electronic or printed health code, and the site manager uses the site code reverse scan code function of the Shandong Health Code Platform to actively scan the health code presented by the citizen, and the relevant information will be displayed at the site. It can be displayed on the mobile phone of the code manager, so as to realize inspection and passage.
(3)Avoid counterfeiting “love codes”. It should be noted that the “Love Code” is mainly aimed at special groups such as the elderly, infants, and primary and secondary school students who do not use smartphones. Other citizens still need to be normal. Scan the location code to pass. Here, we call on the general public to prudently print the “Love Code” on behalf of others, and it is strictly prohibited to borrow, fraudulently use, or misappropriate others’ health codes when traveling. Those who spread the epidemic will be held accountable in strict accordance with the law.