Folk saying: People with “smart holes” in their ears are smarter than others? you may not know

Have you ever heard of this saying that people with “smart holes” in their ears are often smarter than others, and can even be described as “superior intellect”. It seems that there are very few people. Is this kind of folk saying credible?

There is a folk saying: “There are rice in the front earcup, and rice in the back earcup Bran, clothes are hidden on the ears“. Since ancient times, people have believed that people with small holes in their ears are usually a kind of blessing. Good expectations.

In fact, only those who really have “smart holes” will have more troubles. Clinically, this phenomenon is called “congenital preauricular fistula”, that is, some people may have a small hole at birth, and it is neither red nor swollen. It is very strange that there will be white spots from time to time. The secretions come out, and the domestic incidence rate is not high.


According to relevant surveys, more than half of the people with congenital preauricular fistula are There is a relevant family genetic history, and it is mostly inherited from generation to generation.

Some people say, since the small hole in front of the ear is not red or swollen, should it be fine??

It is necessary for everyone to distinguish the specific situation. Since the hole is small and mostly in front of the ear hole, as long as there is no inflammatory reaction, there is often no obvious discomfort.

Some congenital preauricular fistulas may cause itching in this area, and occasionally use your hands Squeeze, there may be a very small amount of mainly white mucus, and there may be a less obvious odor after infection, which is for mild infections.

If it is an acute infection, it may cause itching, pain, redness, swelling, ulcers, etc. in addition to the small hole, and it may even affect the health of the entire ear. Identify in time and actively go to the hospital for relevant treatment.

For the small hole in front of the ear mentioned above is “smart Kong” is completely nonsense and has no scientific basis. You don’t need to be superstitious. On the contrary, in modern life, what you need to do is that in addition to congenital preauricular fistula, you should also Prevention of preauricular fistula.

How to prevent acquired “preauricular fistula”?

Remember not to use “hands” casually: There are many bacteria and viruses that are invisible to the human eye, especially in the face of When infected, if you directly touch the infected area with your hands, squeeze it, and the local cleaning is not well protected, then it may re-infect and increase the acute inflammation.

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Protect dry skin: If you have a preauricular fistula, during the infection period, try to keep the wound as dry as possible to avoid water pollution and aggravate the condition.

Control your appetite: For people who eat spicy food for a long time, it may also increase the occurrence of preauricular fistula infection, so it should be avoided.