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According to the latest survey statistics, the detection rate of fatty liver in China has reached 20%, which means that fatty liver has become the second largest liver disease in my country after viral hepatitis. In the annual physical examination, there are many people who are found to have fatty liver, but many people do not regard it as a disease and do not pay attention to it at all.

Fatty liver is a disease caused by excessive accumulation of fat in liver cells due to various reasons. Normal intrahepatic fat accounts for 3% to 4% of the wet weight of the liver. If the fat content exceeds 5% of the wet weight of the liver, it is called fatty liver. In severe cases, the amount of fat can reach 40% to 50%. The lipids of fatty liver are mainly glycerol. Triester. No symptoms does not mean no harmMost patients with fatty liver have no symptoms, which is similar to chronic hepatitis. If it persists, once symptoms appear, it may be that liver function has declined to the point where it can no longer support basic daily operations. Studies show that if patients with alcoholic fatty liver continue to drink alcohol, they can develop alcoholic hepatitis, 40% of those who continue to drink will progress to cirrhosis, and those who continue to drink for 5 years have a mortality rate of 85%; In patients with alcoholic fatty liver, simple fatty liver has a relatively good prognosis, but if not treated in time, it can develop into steatohepatitis, and the incidence of liver cirrhosis in the latter is as high as 25% within 10 years. fatty liver is more likely to mean unhealthy lifestyle of patients (especially obesity and obesity) Abdominal obesity), hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension and other metabolic syndrome diseases are closely related. In fact, most of the direct causes of death in fatty liver patients are not the liver disease itself (even if there is cirrhosis, the progression is slow), but metabolic syndrome-related malignant tumors, arteriosclerotic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Wait. Fatty liver is not just a “patent” for fat people and middle-aged and elderly peopleFatty liver is not a “patent” for obese people ”, its occurrence is related to a variety of factors, which is why some people are diagnosed with fatty liver even if they are of normal weight. For such people, it is necessary to know whether they drink alcohol, whether they have taken drugs that damage the liver, whether they are losing weight recently, and whether they have problems such as partial eclipse and malnutrition. Fatty liver is not just a problem for middle-aged and elderly people. Many young men who have worked for one or two years have also developed fatty liver as their weight increases. So young people can’t let their guard down. Can fatty liver be reversed? In most cases, the treatment of fatty liver is not in the hospital. The key to the treatment is to remove the cause, control the weight, and develop healthy living habits. In this way, maybe when you go to a liver ultrasound after a while, you will find that the fatty liver is gone.

Self-Treatment Advice< strong>Recommendation 1: Diet

There is a close relationship between fatty liver and food. People with high-fat, high-sugar and high-carbohydrate diets are most likely to suffer from fatty liver. Therefore, the first step in the treatment of fatty liver is The first step is to change your eating habits and avoid greasy, high-fat, high-energy, low-protein diets.

Suggestion 2: Exercise properly

According to the physical condition, strengthen physical exercise, such as walking, playing Taijiquan, swimming, etc., it is advisable to not get tired.

Recommendation 3: Lose weight

is a great way to reverse fatty liver, but not too much Fast, it needs to be done gradually, because excessive dieting and excessive weight loss may cause disorder of fat metabolism, which will aggravate the accumulation of lipids in the liver.

Recommendation 4: Quit drinking

Alcohol is metabolized in the liver, and it is well known that drinking aggravates liver damage. Regardless of whether you have been addicted to alcohol or not, if you want to reverse fatty liver, please stay away from alcohol.

Recommendation 5: Do not use drugs indiscriminately p>

Careful use of health care medicines that promote the treatment of fatty liver, most of which are false propaganda. Most drugs are metabolized by the liver, and the indiscriminate use of drugs of unknown origin will inevitably increase the burden on the liver. If the transaminase level has been high, it is necessary to rationally apply drug treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

In the face of fatty liver, don’t let it go, and don’t worry too much, you should intervene as soon as possible to correct your unhealthy lifestyle!

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