Fighting with the United States is a gentleman fighting a villain

In the history of China, the gentleman often couldn’t fight against the villain and wanted to eat the villain. deficit.

Because: the gentleman is like righteousness, and the villain is like profit; the gentleman is magnanimous, and the villain is long-term; the gentleman has too many concerns, and the villain is omnipotent.

The struggle between China and the United States is the struggle between the gentleman and the villain.

Facing the United States, I do not doubt our national strength, spirit, confidence and wisdom at all, but I am very worried that we are kind-hearted, soft-hearted, and lucky.

The United States cannot be trusted, cannot be trusted at all, absolutely cannot be trusted.

Ukraine believed in the United States and sent itself to the guillotine; Europe believed in the United States and made itself impoverished and embarrassed.

Being America’s enemy is dangerous, but being America’s friend is deadly.

Indeed, the United States can really say anything good, and it can do the worst. In the past, I only knew that they played cards unreasonably, but now I understand that they played cards unreasonably. Our struggle with the United States is a struggle between a gentleman and a villain, a villain, and an enemy. There must be bottom-line thinking, the most cruel, worst, and most unconventional plans must be prepared, and the United States must be considered the worst, the worst, and the most insidious, and the shamelessness and tactics of the United States must not be underestimated.

The bad and evil in the United States are only what the world can’t imagine, and there is nothing they can’t do.

In a fight with the United States, if we appear as a gentleman, we will lose; in a fight with the United States, if we play cards according to common sense or reason, we have no chance of winning; in a fight with the United States, If we think about problems and do things for granted, we will fail even more.

We do things so that the world can see our goodwill and conscience, but more importantly, let the United States understand our intentions and determination. The world will understand only when the United States is awake; if the United States is not awake, the world will not understand.

Remember: the way you think about America is, the more you can be deceived.