Fascia gun, Mizi exercises… Don’t use these “neck protection tricks” indiscriminately, beware of danger and come to your door

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Coco would like to ask you a question< /p>

How long do you keep your head down every day?

Low your head for a long time, not only prone to shoulder and neck pain

It is easy to cause cervical spondylosis over time

In addition, what other details of neck injuries do you know?

Did you answer all the questions about the cervical spine last Sunday?

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【First question】

The backpack is too heavy and the cervical spine is vulnerable

A, correct

B, wrong

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Correct answer: A, correct

When going out every day, many people are used to carrying a bag to decorate with commonly used things. But if the backpack is wrong, it will also hurt the cervical spine.

First of all, there is a study in the UK that shows that the weight of the bags we carry should not More than 1/10 of body weight.

Secondly, if it is a shoulder bag, in order to maintain balance, the spine will tilt to the other side, resulting in 4 times the strength. For example, if you carry a 3 catties bag on your left shoulder, the right side will bear a force of 12 catties. If this happens for a long time, it will easily cause strain, degeneration, cause intervertebral disc herniation and even compress nerves and spinal cord.

Experts suggest that shoulder bag weigh no more than 3 catties, and < strong>It is best to use a wider strap, and change the shoulder every 20 minutes. In addition, Backpack is relatively more conducive to the health of the spine, but the weight should not exceed 10 catties.

【Second Question】

< strong>People who walk with their chests and hunchbacks may have bad cervical spine

A, Correct

B, wrong

Correct answer: A, correct< /p>

Shoulders hunchback, not only ugly, but also will compress the cervical spine nerves, aggravate the stiffness of the cervical spine for a long time It can easily cause headache, lack of energy and other symptoms, and even lead to cervical bone hyperplasia.

【Suggestion】 When walking, keep your head up and your chest up, your eyes straight, your toes pointing Straight ahead, take a natural step. Usually, you can use some auxiliary tools or the supervision of others to improve your walking posture.

【The third question】

The stronger the fascia gun, the more it can relieve cervical discomfort


B , Error

Correct answer: B, wrong

Many people with cervical spine discomfort have some massage tools, such as: Fascia gun, and I feel that the greater the intensity of opening, the more it can relieve cervical discomfort.

But in fact, the fascia gunis mainly suitable for working with the head down for a long time, or cervical pain caused by incorrect posture , it is helpful to relax the neck muscles. And there are a few precautions when using it:

①Do not increase the strength without authorization, Especially for patients with cervical spondylosis with spinal stenosis, violent vibration may cause nerve damage;

②It is not recommended to take a long time Because the vibration force of the fascia gun is quite strong, it may cause deep structural damage to the cervical spine. For example, prolonged violent vibration may cause muscle fiber damage and scarring.

③The front of the neck with rich nerves and blood vessels is not suitable for usefascia gun , there may be a risk of cervical spine injury.

[Question 4]

Mizi practice cervical spine, everyone is suitable

A, correct

B, error

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Correct answer: B, wrong

Many people know that rice word exercises can relieve cervical discomfort, so they often do rice word exercises in their free time. But in fact, not everyone is suitable for rice calligraphy.

Generally, people with healthy cervical spine can indeed relieve cervical discomfort by practicing rice word exercises correctly. But be careful not to flex and stretch too fast and excessively, otherwise it will increase the abnormal stress of the intervertebral disc, damage the intervertebral disc and articular cartilage, and strain the muscles.

If you already suffer from cervical spondylosis, the cervical spine is already damaged, and if you practice rice word exercises, may be Aggravate neck injury, and even cause some unnecessary trauma.

【Fifth Question】

Cervical spine is uncomfortable, stick whatever plaster you have at home

A, correct


Correct answer: B, wrong

< p data-track="77">If you have already suffered from cervical spondylosis, it is recommended to actively treat according to the doctor’s advice. And if you just lower your head for too long and occasionally have shoulder and neck muscle soreness and stiffness, you can apply hot towel to promote blood circulation and relax muscles .

If you think hot compress is too troublesome, you can also put a plaster on it, but pay attention to the following points——

①Choose the right one: There are many kinds of plasters, such as anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving, bruises, and cervical spine pain is suitable for promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals.

②Put it right:You can cut the plaster and follow the direction of the muscles Apply to the parts where the blood vessels gather on both sides of the neck, the medicine can be delivered to the painful part more smoothly through the blood vessels, and take effect faster. It should also be noted that the sticking time should not be too long, usually 8 to 24 hours, but the specific instructions shall prevail.