Exercise not only exercises the body, but also loses weight. Adhering to these 6 kinds of exercise will have the effect of losing weight

The problem of obesity has always troubled many people. We all know that obesity not only causes various diseases, but also affects a person’s self-confidence. Therefore, how to lose weight has always been a concern for everyone.

We roughly divide weight loss methods into two types, one is dieting to lose weight, and the other is exercise to lose weight.

As we all know, excessive dieting can cause metabolic disorders in the body. Exercise can not only exercise the body, but also lose weight. Therefore, many people will lose weight through exercise.

If you want to lose weight through exercise, you must first know which exercise is the best choice for weight loss.

1. Swimming

Swimming is a traditional aerobic exercise. As we all know, when swimming, the water resistance is greater than the air resistance, so the calorie consumption is relatively high. Usually, the swimming time is not less than 45 minutes, and the effect of weight loss and fat loss will be better.

Swimming can not only lose weight, but also keep your body and mind happy all the time. Partners who want to lose weight by swimming can usually learn more swimming postures.


2. Yoga

Yoga can not only lose weight and shape, but also reduce stress, relieve tension, and prevent heart disease Cerebrovascular disease, so more and more people began to practice yoga.

Although the yoga movements are very light, it is also difficult to practice yoga well. Everyone should do it under the guidance of professionals. Blind practice of yoga will not achieve any effect .

3. Rope skipping

Rope skipping can burn fat, consume calories, enhance physical fitness, promote blood circulation, improve heart blood supply, and enhance hand-eye coordination , Promote metabolism, so everyone likes the exercise of skipping to lose weight.

For those who want to lose weight by skipping rope, you can prepare a skipping rope at home, and start exercising when you have free time. If you keep exercising for 30 minutes a day, the weight loss effect will be better.

4. Running

Many people have the habit of getting up early and running at night. Running can not only promote the body’s metabolism, but also help to lose weight , The effect of physical exercise.

Many people have reported that they often run, but why is there no weight loss effect? This may be because your running time is relatively short, or you drink carbonated drinks and eat greasy food immediately after running.

Carbonated drinks and greasy food are the biggest stumbling blocks on the road to weight loss, so you must keep your mouth shut during weight loss.

5. Playing basketball

Weight loss is not only a topic of concern to adults, many teenagers are also troubled by obesity. For teenagers, playing basketball is the best way to lose weight, because playing basketball can not only lose weight, but also promote bone development.

However, don’t eat candy or take a shower right after playing basketball. Sweets can deplete the body’s vitamin B1, which can lead to loss of appetite; take a bath immediately after playing basketball, and it is easy to catch a cold, get sick or have dizziness and shock.

>6. Riding bicycles

Shared bicycles are becoming more and more popular. Shared bicycles can not only save walking time, but also exercise leg muscles and lose weight.

In addition, work or study pressure is relatively high, you can also go out by bicycle to relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way while cycling, which has the effect of releasing stress.

The above types of exercise can have the effect of losing weight. When you choose the way to lose weight, you should choose according to your actual situation. The process of exercising to lose weight is long, and you need to have firm beliefs and don’t give up halfway. During exercise, pay attention to diet and nutrition Evenly matched.