Exercise avoid “excessive force”! The striated muscle “dissolved” after two students’ strenuous exercise

What’s it like to meet my classmates and brothers in the same hospital and the same department? Recently, Chenzhou First People’s Hospital Children’s Hospital Renal Rheumatology and Immunology Department came to visit these two children with special fate.

Children Xiao Li and child Xiao Zhou are classmates in the second grade of junior high school. 600) and then developed swelling and pain in both lower extremities, restricted activities, dissolving brown urine, and decreased urine output.

Go to the local hospital for treatment immediately, and blood tests show that lactate dehydrogenase, creatine kinase, myoglobin and other indicators are significantly increased, and it is considered as “rhabdomyolysis syndrome“, the patient was in critical condition and immediately transferred to the hospital for further treatment.

[Blood purification for children]

Children’s Hospital Department of Renal Rheumatology and Immunology, Xie Xingyuan, after conducting a detailed biochemical examination for the child, in order to avoid acute renal failure, he immediately decided to transfer him to Continuous blood purification (CRRT) is performed in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) to remove myoglobin and other harmful kidney factors in the blood, protect the function of organs, and stabilize the internal environment.

Under the careful treatment and care of the PICU team, the two children were transferred to the Children’s Renal Rheumatism and Immunology Department for treatment and observation five days later, and were discharged from the hospital one week later.

【2 children recovered and discharged after treatment】

For many people, rhabdomyolysis is just a flash of news while surfing the web.

Children’s Renal Rheumatology and Immunology Department summarized 15 cases of rhabdomyolysis in the past two years, and 12 cases were related to exercise.

Among them: 4 patients were seriously ill requiring blood purification, and the average hospital stay was 9.6 days, which brought huge losses to the children themselves and their families.

So what exactly isexercise-related rhabdomyolysis syndrome, and how can we prevent it?

Exercise-related rhabdomyolysis refers to the injury of striated muscles (mainly skeletal muscles) caused by strenuous exercise, the rupture of cell membranes, and the release of intracellular substances into the blood circulation, causing body damage and other complications Symptoms, such as acute renal failure, severe arrhythmia, shock, etc.

Exercise, especially strenuous exercise of the lower limbs, such as frog leaping, squats, muscle soreness after long-term running, limited movement, dark urine, dark brown or soy sauce, urine If the amount decreases, or even no urine, please go to the nephrology department of a regular hospital immediately.

Although this disease is dangerous, all the children with this disease admitted by our department have been cured and discharged after timely and correct treatment with satisfactory results.

Sports is very important to the quality education of young people, but improper exercise methods and methods will cause harm to our body. The focus of sports-induced rhabdomyolysis syndrome is prevention.

Chenzhou First People’s Hospital Children’s Hospital is committed to protecting the health of adolescents and children. We hereby remind adolescents and children to avoid exercising in hot, humid and airtight environments; It is best to warm up fully and dynamically stretch until the body is slightly warm; during exercise, be sure to pay attention to hydration in small amounts and multiple times.

When exercising, you should choose the intensity and rhythm according to your physical condition and load capacity. Experts recommend that the heart rate during exercise should not exceed 80% of the body’s maximum heart rate (maximum heart rate calculation formula = 220 times – age). Finally, after exercising, you must remember to stretch statically to relieve muscle fatigue and tension.

Children’s health is related to the happiness of the family and the future of the nation. Let us pay attention to the prevention of sports injuries from the family, school, and hospital, so that children can exercise correctly and grow up healthily!

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