Eat a boiled apple a day, stick to it for a week, 3 surprises will bring you, really unexpected

Hello everyone! I am “Family Grocery Shopping”. My responsibilities at home are very important. I am responsible for the purchase of oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar tea, melons, fruits, pears, jujube vegetables, etc. for the whole family. Purchasing things now is not only a hard job, but also a technical job. Over time, what kind of food is environmentally friendly and green? What kind of vegetables are treated with pesticides? What vegetables are genetically modified? Wait, I can see it when I see it.

I met my dish friend Lao Xia today. He was in good spirits and thanked me. When she said that I was confused, what are you thanking me for? Why haven’t I helped her recently? Seeing my doubts, she immediately explained, and I understood.

It turned out that she had been constipated last week and felt very uncomfortable. Tired, asked her what’s going on? She said that she suffered from constipation and couldn’t sleep well at night, so I told her to cook an apple an hour before going to bed every night for more than 7 days in a row. Not to mention, her constipation has been completely resolved now, and she is in a better mood, and she sleeps very soundly at night.

When I was in my hometown, the old people used to say : “An apple a day keeps the doctor away< /span>“. For a long time, apples have been recognized as a good fruit for preventing many diseases. However, most people eat apples raw. In fact, cooked apples are more delicious, and there are many unexpected effects. This is because after the apple is cooked, it will soften the dietary fiber to the greatest extent, making it easier to be absorbed by the body and maximizing nutrition.

Generally speaking, stick to eating a few An apple cooked in the sky, 3 sweets may find you quietly.

The first one is to prevent constipation

< p data-track="13">Cooked apples are pink and tender, which can easily decompose and separate food, and at the same time can lubricate the intestines. Therefore, there used to be a tradition of eating boiled apples in rural areas. At that time, there was no reason for it. Anyway, I felt that it was very effective in dredging the intestines, so everyone took it for granted and developed such a habit.

Second, happy mood

Many people get angry at every turn, lose their temper, and make them dizzy all day long Swelling, the body is extremely uncomfortable, and even more uncomfortable. Eating a cooked apple every night, the mouthful of fresh fragrance will fill the mouth and intestines. As time goes on, the body will feel more pleasant and refreshed, and the mood will gradually improve, and naturally there will be no such big anger.

Third, help sleep

Eating raw apples is not good for sleep, but cooked apples taste warm , can help brain cells in a natural state of relaxation and relaxation, this state is the “accelerator” of fast sleep. Therefore, eating a boiled apple will fill your body with a sense of warmth and looseness, and sleepiness will naturally follow.

So, Lao Xia mentioned at the beginning expressed his gratitude to me, which is the reason in the matter. Do you have any experience in this regard? Welcome to communicate and communicate together!