Drinking with 4 kinds of snacks is very harmful

Core tip: When drinking, you can’t miss the appetizers, and it’s also important to match the appetizers. The wrong appetizers are not good for your health.

Drinking too much can hurt your health, but modern people inevitably drink to socialize, and some people really like to drink. When drinking, there is always an appetizer. It is also important to match the appetizer. The wrong appetizer is very bad for your health. If the appetizer is well matched, it can reduce the harm caused by alcohol to the body.

Do not go with these kinds of dishes when drinking

1. Avoid salty and spicy food

Do not drink too salty or spicy Foods with high salt content will enhance people’s appetite, and people will unknowingly consume too much alcohol. Long-term intake of high-salt foods will increase blood pressure.

2. Don’t eat fried foods that have been left for a while

Do not eat fried foods when drinking. Fried sausages, bacon, bacon and other meats will oxidize during the frying process to produce some peroxides, which will increase the load on the liver , If these oils are used for the second time, the harm to the human body is more terrible. If you eat fried foods while drinking, it will also weaken the function of the liver.

Ingestion of spicy food is easy to stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa and harm the stomach, and alcohol will also stimulate the stomach, spicy food + wine double stimulate the stomach, It is easy to cause stomach bleeding and other problems. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat spicy food such as spicy hot pot when drinking.

3. Eat less snacks such as puffed food

Puffed foods contain peroxides and trans fatty acids, which will increase the burden of liver detoxification. Avoid fried foods such as French fries and donuts when drinking.

4. Eat less food rich in animal fats

If you drink food for a long time and eat a lot of animal fats such as large pieces of meat, it may induce diseases such as liver cirrhosis, arteriosclerosis and diabetes. In addition, greasy food will also increase the burden on the liver .