Teach you to eat vegetables like this, eat beautiful skin

Core tip: If you want to have good skin, you should not only adjust it externally, but also nourish it internally. You can eat more foods that are good for your skin every day. Now let’s discuss, how to eat vegetables is good for the skin?

Having smooth and delicate skin is every woman’s dream. If you want to have good skin, in addition to external adjustment, you must also nourish it internally. You can eat more foods that are good for your skin, such as vegetables, so how to eat vegetables is good for your skin?

Which vegetables are good for the skin?

Vitamin A, C, and E are all antioxidants< /strong>:

Rich inVitamin A Vegetables can effectively prevent dry skin. Representative foods are garlic, spinach, etc. Yellow-green vegetables are the main representatives;

Vegetables rich in vitamin C include red bell pepper, coriander, broccoli, etc. The vitamin can promote the absorption of iron and the production of collagen; span>

Vegetables rich in vitamin E include pumpkin, etc. Vitamin E can promote blood circulation and inhibit lipid oxidation.

How to eat vegetables to better absorb nutrients?

Vitamin A and Vitamin E are fat-soluble vitamins, which means that cooking best in oil or cooking with oily ingredients can boost the vitamin Absorption. However, vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, which is not only easily oxidized in the air, but also has poor heat resistance. Therefore, vegetables rich in vitamin C are best eaten raw. Vegetables such as red bell peppers and broccoli are best used for soups or blanched and then simply stir-fried and eaten.

Wrinkled skin, what vegetables are good to eat?

To prevent skin wrinkles, it is important to eat more vegetables rich in vitamin C, and you want your skin to be less dull Light and iron supplementation are also very important. In addition, dietary fiber can effectively stimulate the intestines and promote defecation, so eating more vegetables rich in dietary fiber is also a good choice.

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