Drinking milk, Chinese and Americans are used to different! The doctor said: Chinese people choose these two kinds of milk

“Dr. Zhang, can I drink 1 liter of milk a day like my American grandson? I think Americans drink milk the same way they drink water. Is that okay? ?” Aunt Liu, who is far away on the other side of the ocean, came to me for advice on drinking milk through online consultation.

I told Aunt Liu that she couldn’t drink so much milk like her little grandson, and at the same time she should choose milk that is more suitable for her current age group. Aunt Liu was very happy after I told her the relevant issues to pay attention to. Today I will also tell you about this issue.

Is it healthy to drink milk as water?

When it comes to drinking milk, it should be said that it is one of the health problems that modern people are most concerned about. At this stage, people’s understanding of drinking milk is that it is a healthy eating behavior, but you know what? Drinking milk should also pay attention to some health traps, otherwise drinking unhealthy may bring more health problems. Today, Dr. Zhang is here to tell you: “How to drink milk to be healthier.”

1. How much milk is appropriate to drink every day?

As the question of Aunt Liu mentioned at the beginning, everyone said that drinking milk is good, so how much milk should we drink normally? Is it better to drink more? This is the problem. Our country’s authoritative health guidelines and dietary guidelines have basically unified opinions on this issue. The basic recommendation is to drink 150~300 g of liquid milk every day, 200 ml according to the common bagged milk, and 250 for the boxed milk. Calculated by ml, it is more appropriate to drink about 1 and a half bags of milk per person per day.

daily milk intake

Drinking milk is indeed beneficial to health as a whole, and it is also beneficial to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. The my country-PAR study in China found through long-term observation of 100,000 subjects that drinking milk every day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease morbidity and death. Drinking 150-300 g of milk per day was associated with a 23% and 19% lower risk of cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality, respectively, compared with those who never drank milk. However, even in this case, drinking more milk is not the better, because drinking milk in large quantities for a long time, especially drinking milk as water like Americans, can easily lead to blood lipid problems, that is, the problem of elevated blood lipids. This point needs attention. Therefore, milk is not something that can be drunk unscrupulously as water.

Second, what kind of milk is better to drink?

If we walk into a supermarket and see a dazzling array of dairy products on the shelves, many people will ask: “With so many dairy products, what kind of milk should we drink better? Which kind of milk is healthier? ?” What’s more, he insists that the milk just squeezed from the cows sold at the gate of his community is the best. In fact, the real situation is not like this.

Simply put, Dr. Zhang recommends which milk products with only raw milk in the ingredient list. However, this does not mean that raw milk is the best, because there may be more bacteria in the raw milk that is directly squeezed from the cow, and it may be infected by drinking it directly. This is not an alarmist. Everyone knows that milk may contain a kind of Mycobacterium bovis, and people may develop intestinal tuberculosis after drinking this milk. Therefore, everyone should try not to drink raw milk. Even if you want to drink it, you should buy it home and cook it before drinking it. Don’t drink it raw.

Raw milk is not the best milk choice

The two types of milk that people drink the most on the market today are fresh milk that needs to be refrigerated and pure milk that needs to be kept at room temperature. Both types of milk can be used. In terms of nutritional value, fresh milk that needs to be refrigerated is better, but because the sterilization temperature is relatively low, the shelf life is short and needs to be refrigerated. The pure milk stored at room temperature is mostly made of UHT ultra-high temperature sterilization. Although the nutritional value is a little bit worse, it can be stored at room temperature, which is more convenient. These two kinds of milk generally only have raw milk on the ingredient list, which is a better choice for drinking milk.

In addition to the milk mentioned above, there are many other types of milk, especially milk of various flavors. In addition to raw milk, these milks are generally added with other additives, such as It is said that anhydrous cream, carrageenan, high fructose syrup, white sugar and other ingredients are basically not good for health, so Dr. Zhang suggests that everyone who wants to drink milk, let’s drink the fresh milk and pure milk above. Try not to drink these flavored milk, flavored reconstituted milk and other flavored dairy products.

All kinds of dairy products bought by Dr. Zhang

3. What kind of milk should people who need to control blood lipids drink?

Drinking milk is good for health, but it does not mean that drinking too much milk is completely free of health risks. One of the health problems of drinking milk is increased blood lipids, because milk contains fat. In the real world, many patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and hyperlipidemia need to control their blood lipids well. At this time, for these people, the choice of milk can consider choosing skim or low-fat milk. This milk product, the general ingredient list is only raw milk, but after skim treatment, the fat content in the milk Lowered, the impact on blood lipids will also be eliminated.

Skimmed milk has little effect on blood lipids

All in all, drinking milk should be a healthy eating behavior, but how much should I drink? Which milk is better to drink? This is indeed a health issue that everyone should pay special attention to, and I hope everyone can understand how to drink milk healthily through this article. If there are people around you who drink milk habit, you can also forward this article to them, so that more people can benefit.