Dr. Tao Yong responded to Tencent netizens: Entrepreneurship is multiplication for medical care

After my conversation with Tencent Finance was published, many Tencent netizens also asked me questions. Thanks for the support from netizens. For some questions that netizens are concerned about, I will briefly answer them.

1. Dr. Tao said that he would firmly start his own business and would not get off the bus halfway. What is the goal of Dr. Tao’s business, and will there be an end point?

A: Hello friends of Tencent News, my name is Tao Yong. I will think that medicine is my infinite game. Since I have determined the vision of a world without blindness, then I will spend my life doing better and never reach the best end, so I don’t have to get off the bus halfway. possibility. For different entrepreneurial teams, the purpose of starting a business is different. Some people are to achieve financial freedom, some people are to achieve personal value proof, some people are to integrate industries and resources, and I just want to solve the problem of “inaccurate eye disease diagnosis and treatment”. Gave me direction and guidance. The transformation of scientific research and entrepreneurship, like outpatient surgery, popular science, and public welfare, are all means of ideal service.

2. Some netizens suggested that Dr. Tao is a very good ophthalmologist. Will starting a management company affect his medical work?

A: Hello friends of Tencent News, my name is Tao Yong. There are two algorithms in life, addition and multiplication. If I continue to work alone to complete outpatient clinics and operations, it will be an addition. The number of patients that can be treated is very limited, and the ceiling is very low. Now I spend my energy and time to start a business, implement the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, build a platform, give full play to the strength of the team, and form a virtuous circle of production, education, research and use, and continuous amplification is multiplication. A world without blindness is an ideal and a vision. When everything is working in the same direction, it will not involve and consume each other, but will achieve and superimpose each other, and the efficiency will be multiplied. Scientific research will improve medical ability, the sense of achievement in clinical treatment will enhance the motivation of scientific research, and the sense of value of public welfare programs will enhance the sense of inner belief and self-healing. These all complement each other.

3. There is also a patient with uveitis who has suffered from uveitis for 15 years. He does not know whether he can still be cured. Can Dr. Tao say a few words to him?

A: Hello friends of Tencent News, my name is Tao Yong. Your uveitis is a chronic and complex disease, just like other chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, you need to have a correct view of the disease, that is, to coexist with the disease. Now there are many advanced targeted drugs, such as TNF inhibitors, which have a good effect on reducing the recurrence frequency of some patients with non-infectious uveitis, but it is still unrealistic to cure all uveitis.