Dr. Liu Yi said that lung cancer (4882) Internet hospital registered this number, and it was impossible to review lung nodules

Most pulmonary nodules need reexamination. When it’s time for reexamination, just go to the hospital for a chest CT. I have told you many times about which hospital to go to for chest CT. A friend said that I will do a CT in a small hospital near the door, is it possible? In theory too. However, some pulmonary nodules are relatively small, and some hospitals cannot provide electronic images, so the printed film does not look clear, and the effect is compromised. Therefore, I have repeatedly said, assuming that your lung nodules have grown up and you need surgery, which hospital you plan to go to for surgery, you should go to that hospital for a review now. Establish contact with the lung surgeon in advance, so that you can observe your nodules more systematically.

There is a 50-year-old lady who found a lung nodule before, Taking the method of observation, it was time for a reexamination, so she registered with my Internet hospital and planned to have a reexamination in our hospital. Lung nodules can be reexamined in Internet hospitals, which is very convenient. Payment and appointments can be completed on the mobile phone, without having to go to the hospital. But with the account she signed up, there is no way to get a chest CT for her. Why? Because Internet hospitals have two options when registering, one is normal online consultation registration, and the other is health consultation. The health consultation account cannot provide chest CT. You need to register an official Internet online consultation account. .

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