A disease that completely destroys the happiness of old age is more terrible than Alzheimer’s disease, and it is necessary to prevent it now

The most terrible disease that hinders the happiness of old age, it is still too late to prevent it! In front of it, dementia is nothing~

When a person is old, what is the happiest appearance? It is nothing more than good health, a stable mind, filial sons and daughters, and money in your pocket. Among these conditions, the first one is physical health. Without this basic condition, it may be difficult to talk about the word “happiness”.

At present, my country has entered an aging society and has the largest elderly population in the world. How to effectively improve the health status of the elderly has become the focus of attention of the whole society.

The most troubling thing at the moment In addition to chronic diseases, the diseases of the elderly also include Alzheimer’s disease.What is more terrifying than them is Parkinson’s disease, which is ignored by many people.

1. Parkinson’s disease is a What disease?

I can’t take care of myself in daily life, I can’t stand up after sitting down, I can’t turn over by myself when lying in bed, I have difficulty putting on clothes, tying shoes, buttoning buttons, putting on and taking off shoes and socks, shaving, washing face and brushing teeth… At this point, many people will think of Alzheimer’s, but it is not.

This disease and Many symptoms of dementia are similar, which is easy to confuse people, but it is also easy to distinguish them.Dementia makes the brains of the main elderly inflexible, and this disease mainly makes the elderly People’s actions are inflexible, and the impact on the brain is not great, but it may also affect the brain when the later development is serious.

It’s called Parkinson’s disease, a “killer in later life” that is both familiar and unfamiliar.

Second, it is important to recognize symptoms


< span> Early detection of Parkinson’s disease has a great effect on later treatment, so early detection and early intervention are critical.

< span>1. Look at the face

The old man’s facial movements are stiff, like wearing a fake mask with no expression, and he is easily ignored by his family members in the early stage.

< span>2. Kanshou

Hand weakness, when holding a pen to write, the writing is getting smaller and smaller, the muscles of the arm and finger joints are stiff, and the range of motion is getting smaller and smaller.

< span>3. Watch action

In addition to muscle stiffness, it will also cause a decline in the coordination function of the human body, resulting in slow and uncoordinated movements.

< u>4. Look at emotions

In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, Parkinson’s disease can also cause many non-motor symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc., and these symptoms often appear in the front.

< span>3. Active prevention is better than cure

1. Prevention of three highs

Chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia are one of the causes of Parkinson’s disease.

< span>2. Pay attention to intestinal health

Cells in the gut can initiate an immune response that protects neurons and reduces the incidence of Parkinson’s disease.

< span>3. Vitamin C supplement

Vitamin C can inhibit various toxic effects and protect neurons. The reduction of neurons in dopamine is the main cause of Parkinson’s disease.

4. Drink tea

3 days a day A cup of tea can reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease, because polyphenols in tea can provide a strong protective effect on nerve cells.

I have struggled for most of my life , A comfortable old age is what every elderly person deserves, and disease should not be “taken away” easily. From now on, from now on, it is very necessary to pay attention to the health of yourself and your family, which is to prepare for old age in advance.