Dr. Liu Yi said that a 5mm lung nodule was found in the physical examination of lung cancer (4859). Do I need to check it immediately?

Now people have more and more opportunities to do chest CT during physical examination, which is different from the previously commonly used chest CT Compared with the slices, many detailed problems can be found. For example, more and more lung nodules can be found. Many friends are very scared when they see lung nodules in their physical examination report, but in fact, most of the lung nodules can be observed again.

There is a woman under 50 years old in our hospital last month After a physical examination, I saw ground-glass nodules in the chest CT report in the physical examination results, and immediately contacted me on the online consultation platform. Now it is not like before, you have to go to the hospital to register and see a doctor when you are out. Now you can use your mobile phone at home to contact the doctor at any time, which is very convenient. She asked me whether I need to go to the hospital for further examination immediately, or can I re-examine after three months?

According to the report, this lady has multiple ground glass nodes in her lungs Nodules, the largest diameter of which is 5mm, ground-glass nodules of this size do not need to go to the hospital for further examination immediately, but can be reexamined regularly. Generally speaking, there is no problem for reexamination after one year. Considering that some patients and friends are nervous, it is understandable to review it in half a year or even three months.

When you or your loved ones find nodules in your lungs, Like this woman, you can contact experienced lung surgeons online, ask them to look at the report and the electronic version of the image first, and listen to their professional opinions.