1060 passes, 998 successes! Here’s Spain’s stats from last night…

“West Thousand Biography”

1060 passes and 998 successes. pass data. After this battle, the name of “Xishian Chuan” became famous in the world football.

On November 23, Spanish team player Asensio (stepping forward) celebrated with his teammates after scoring a goal in the game. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Ming

The regular time of the game is 90 minutes, plus 6 minutes in the first half and 9 minutes in the second half, a total of 1060 passes in the 105 minutes of the game, the “Matador Legion” averaged more than 10 passes per minute, in a World Cup It’s rare in games. On average, 59 of their passes were converted into one shot. The Spanish team completed a total of 17 shots, 7 shots on target, and all scored goals.

This is a game that suffocated the opponent Costa Rica , They successfully passed the ball only 166 times, less than one-sixth of Spain’s. What’s more embarrassing is that the Costa Rica team didn’t take a single shot, and scored only 7 times within 30 meters of the opponent’s goal.

On November 23, Spanish player Garvey (front right) and Costa Rica player Tejeda (front left) competed in the match. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Dongzhen

Visual , The Spanish team flowed smoothly throughout the game, and the connection between the players was as smooth as chocolate. Their high-frequency and dense conduction weaved a large moving net on the court, covering the Costa Rica team firmly.

In terms of hearing, the ball collides back and forth between the sneakers, It is not messy and noisy, but it is like a tango dance drum, neat and powerful, which is the proof that the Spanish team has controlled the rhythm of the whole game under their feet.

Tonight, when the old Spanish song “Mi gran noche “Seven times it sounded over the Atumama Stadium, and the tiki-taka dream returned to its peak.

A sigh “Nadu Wall”

One One goal, two goals, three goals… When the Spanish team Soler scored the sixth goal, the big screen at the Atumama Stadium gave a close-up of the Costa Rica goalkeeper Keylor Navas, his face was full of sadness. When the reporter saw this scene in the media booth, he couldn’t help but feel a little unbearable. The “Nadu Wall” that once only made opponents sigh is now full of vicissitudes.

On November 23, Costa Rica goalkeeper Navas lost the ball after the team. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xiao Yijiu

The final score was fixed at 7:0. Dramatically, among the scoring players, there are Navas’ teammate Soler in Paris Saint-Germain, former Real Madrid teammates Asensio, Morata, and “post-00” teenagers Ferran Torres and Garvey. After the game, a warm scene appeared, a group of Spanish players walked up to Navas to comfort the veteran. But this may not heal Navas’ heartbreak.

In the pre-match warm-up training, Navas received bursts of applause from the fans as soon as he appeared on the field. After all, in the eyes of the fans, if this small country from Central America wants to replicate the miracle of the World Cup achieved in 2014, Navas’ performance is crucial.

Recalling the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, if Navas With the help of God, the Costa Rica team “carried” into the quarterfinals. After the World Cup, Navas was favored by Real Madrid. In Real Madrid’s main lineup, Navas is the most low-key one, but this does not prevent him from frequently presenting high-profile performances and becoming the absolute contributor to Real Madrid’s three consecutive Champions League titles.

Russia four years later, although Costa Rica failed to He advanced to the knockout round, but in the group match with Brazil, Navas caught up with low blocks and once pushed his opponent to a desperate situation. Since then, due to the disadvantage in the competition with Real Madrid’s new aid Courtois, Navas left Paris Saint-Germain.

In the first two seasons in Paris, Navas’s The performance is still remarkable. But in the summer of 2021, with the addition of Italian goalkeeper Donnarumma, Navas had to share playing time with the former. This season, the coaching bench and management of the “Great Paris” have undergone drastic changes. Donnarumma has been established as the team’s main goalkeeper. Navas has to accept the role of a substitute. He was once close to joining Serie A Naples, but later disappeared below. Since the start of the Ligue 1, Navas’s appearance record is still zero.

On November 23, the goalkeeper Navas of the Costa Rica team was in the game. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Ming

When When Navas appeared on the court, the reporter could clearly feel that he was fat and his body was heavy. There are a few goals conceded, and I have to say that Navas bears the main responsibility, such as the fourth conceded goal when facing Torres, such as failing to hit the ball far, causing the ball to fall at the feet of Soler…< /span>

On the stage of the World Cup, some people will retire bravely after becoming famous, and some Will be disarmed and returned to the field after being lost. For Navas, who is about to be 36 years old, it may be the latter.

One generation will eventually grow old Go, but someone is always young

This is football< /strong>

Source: Xinhua News Agency< /span>