Don’t want gout to worsen, uric acid explodes and causes kidney failure, these 3 bad habits should be changed as soon as possible

When it comes to gout, many people first think of the word “pain”. Joint swelling and pain are typical symptoms of gout, mainly due to excessive uric acid in the body, resulting in the production of a large amount of uric acid. Salt deposits in the joints, causing severe inflammation. And the harm of gout is not only to make the joints “pain”, if you don’t care about it for a long time, it will also “push the nose and face” and destroy your kidneys, then it will not be as simple as just taking painkillers .

There are many cases of kidney damage caused by gout, but some people still have not learned the lesson

40-year-old Mr. Zhou is A patient with a 10-year history of gout had a mild condition when he first discovered gout, and his uric acid reached 520 μmol/L. After taking uric acid-lowering drugs for a period of time, it was well controlled, and the uric acid returned to its original level. However, in the following years, after all, I was young and energetic. I was usually busy with work and socializing, but I was not very good at daily management such as diet, and I began to not be able to insist on taking medicine. I didn’t go to the hospital on time.

One ​​day ago, he was suddenly woken up by pain in Bansu, and found that the big toe (metatarsal) of his right foot was severely red and swollen, which caused him unbearable pain. . Finally, I went to the hospital until dawn. After a series of examinations, the uric acid was as high as 840 μmol/L, the urine protein was 2+ in the urine routine, and it was confirmed that gout attack and inflammation appeared. Due to the abnormal urine routine, he was advised to do another renal function test, but a major problem was found.

The blood routine showed creatinine was 456 μmol/L, and the kidneys had fibrosis and renal function failure. Hearing this, he was instantly blinded, puzzled, how could a small gout “involve” kidney failure?

Finally, he was hospitalized immediately, and uric acid lowering and kidney disease treatment were carried out at the same time. After a period of treatment, his various indicators were relatively stable, his creatinine dropped to 140 μmol/L, his uric acid returned to normal levels, and his renal function was relatively stable. Now he has changed some bad habits such as smoking, drinking, socializing, staying up late, and has a more reasonable and healthy diet. He insists on taking drugs and regularly checks the indicators to avoid recurrence. Although the condition has stabilized, the damaged kidney function cannot be recovered, so more attention must be paid to the condition.

By the way, why do some people develop gout and even kidney failure at a young age?

Unhealthy eating habits

Nowadays, many people have high uric acid during physical examination, but it will not cause gout. This is directly related to some of the bad eating habits that most people have now, such as eating a lot of meat, drinking beverages, drinking alcohol, etc. every day, all kinds of meat, especially animal offal, seafood, as well as drinks and alcohol contain purines Too high, too much intake will lead to excessive purines, resulting in high uric acid. Simple high uric acid without symptoms, some people do not pay attention to treatment, and procrastination will lead to gout and renal failure.

Unhealthy living habits

Irregular work and rest for a long time, frequent staying up late will cause metabolic problems in the body, and also Causes a decline in immunity and increases the risk of gout and kidney disease. There are also some people who use drugs indiscriminately, and also increase uric acid and increase the burden on the kidneys. For example, diuretics, thiazide diuretics, and low-dose aspirin, cyclosporine, and tacrolimus also have the side effect of increasing uric acid, so gout Patients must maintain a normal routine in their daily life, learn to relieve stress, and refrain from taking medicines indiscriminately except for necessary medicines. so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys.

Chronic diseases are not taken seriously

In addition to diet and living habits, the occurrence of chronic diseases is also an important cause of gout or gouty nephropathy Causes, including high blood pressure, high blood sugar, obesity and other diseases. Long-term high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and obesity can cause microvascular disease, inhibit the metabolism of urate, and cause gout. In addition, patients with diabetes have strong purine catabolism, which leads to a rapid increase in uric acid. It is worth noting that the “three highs” and obesity themselves can also damage the kidneys and cause kidney diseases, such as diabetic nephropathy and hypertensive nephropathy. Therefore, once these diseases are discovered, they must be treated in time without delay.

To avoid the occurrence of kidney disease, gout patients should do three things in time: adhere to good eating habits, change bad living habits, and pay attention to the treatment of various chronic diseases , the more self-discipline in life, the healthier the body.