Don’t do these three things when staying up late watching the game

The four-yearly World Cup is in full swing, and many die-hard fans have started the “Night Battle” mode.

When you stay up late chasing the ball, don’t do these three things< /strong>

1. Turn off the lights and watch the game.

Watching the game in the early morning, some fans turned off all the indoor lights in order not to affect the rest of their families. All harm but no benefit. When the ambient light is dark, the pupil dilates to receive more light. At this time, the optic nerve cells in the fundus will be exposed to more light. Over time, it may cause macular degeneration and affect vision. For people with glaucoma, it is more May cause acute glaucoma due to increased intraocular pressure. Therefore, when watching the game, the surrounding environment should try to maintain a stable, softer light and brightness.

2. Wear contact lenses to watch football.

Myopic friends, please take off your contact lenses and put on glasses when watching the game. Wearing contact lenses for a long time, the cornea is in a relatively closed vacuum anoxic state, which is easy to cause damage. Moreover, wearing contact lenses for a long time can easily cause dry eyes and foreign body sensation. The average time of wearing contact lenses per day should not exceed 8 hours, and it is even less advisable to stay up late.

3. Rubbing your eyes

After the game, excessive eye use may lead to dry eyes Fatigue, many people will subconsciously rub their eyes. It may feel comfortable at the moment, but it may bring bacteria into the eyes, resulting in redness and inflammation of the eyes, so rubbing the eyes to relax is not advisable. When the eyes are tired, you can apply hot towels on the eyes to promote blood circulation around the eyes and relieve eye fatigue.