Don’t constantly challenge the limits of the human body. If you do this too much, the consequences will be serious.

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Speaking of holding back urine, DiDi has many stories.

A few years ago, I went out for a meeting with the leader. We planned to leave on time at 2:00 pm, but there were unforeseen circumstances. After lunch, it rained heavily. The leader did not intend to postpone the meeting , we have to be there on time. As a result, DiDi arrived at the meeting place on time despite the heavy rain, and found that there was no one there. I was still too young.

I looked around and no one came, so I went to the doorman to chat, the uncle was also hospitable, changed a few pots of tea, and drank water for nearly two hours.

About 4:00 pm, the rain was a little lighter, and the leader asked to gather again to set off. Well, within half an hour of getting in the car, Didi felt “urinating” hit me. It is convenient and convenient to go to the service station after thinking about it for a while.

Who would have thought, a service station in the middle is temporarily closed, and the expressway is not easy to park. I am already desperate.

The moment I saw the mineral water bottle, I saw hope again, but the unopened mineral water bottle really has no capacity to hold my hope. I am sitting or not. , Not lying down, not sideways, and after a while, cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Fortunately, the drive is only an hour and a half, so I divide the time and comfort myself every ten minutes. Don’t say, this method really works.

The moment I got off the expressway, I finally saw hope, because I checked the navigation in advance, the hospital was only 15 minutes away from the expressway intersection, but the moment I entered the city, I collapsed, and I really felt What’s more, the grass and mud horses are galloping, and there is a traffic jam!

I had to endure it for more than half an hour. After getting off the car, I really shivered and walked to the bathroom, for fear of leaking urine…

It is no exaggeration to say that it took two groups of people to pee for 5 minutes. But as a doctor, I paused for a while, why I paused for a while, left a suspense, and then explained the text.

Where does the urge to pee come from?

Generally speaking, when urine volume reaches 150~250mL, feeling the urge to urinate, and the urine volume reaches 250~450mL At this time, it is still within the allowable range of the bladder, called “physiological bladder capacity”. Although it can be tolerated without urinating at this time, it is recommended that everyone obediently receive the signal from the bladder at this time. Go to the bathroom.

When we are on a long-distance bus, in a meeting, etc., we usually choose to hold our urine properly.

How does the brain force the urethral sphincter (the faucet) to close?

The detrusor layer of the bladder has numerous receptors. When the urine volume in the bladder reaches a certain level, it will feed back signals to the brain >, “Hey, boss, I want to pee.” At this time, the brain will tell the little brother Bladder, “I don’t agree, hold it for me!” Then there is the matter of holding back…

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Can holding back your urine until your bladder “explodes”?

Tell me a little story, there was a middle-aged uncle who was admitted to the hospital after 12 hours of abdominal distention, difficulty urinating, and lower abdominal pain for 2 hours. He drank 2 pounds of liquor and 6 bottles of beer the night before. Confusion, repeated vomiting, non-jetting, vomit is stomach contents, and a small amount of brown liquid can be seen.

After admission, symptomatic treatment such as fasting and water deprivation, gastrointestinal decompression, and indwelling catheterization was given. Due to catheterization and drainage of hemorrhagic fluid, please consider bladder rupture after consultation with the urology department. After completing the relevant examinations, emergency bladder rupture repair is performed. There is a 12cm-long gap on the top of the bladder. this is a true story.

There is also a story, it is also caused by drinking, some people drink too muchNow, I went to the toilet on the side of the road. I smoked a cigarette in my left hand and played with my mobile phone in my right hand. I accidentally stumbled. It was a coincidence that there was a stone in front of me, and it was in the middle of my lower abdomen. The sound of the program effect), and then went to the emergency surgery to sew up the bladder, and also promised his daughter-in-law that he would never drink again.

(If someone at home drinks too much in the future, slap him in the face with this article! Okay?)

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Why is my bladder more likely to rupture when drunk?

After being drunk, alcohol can directly inhibit the higher nerve center of the cerebral cortex and indirectly inhibit the primary urination center of the spinal cord, thereby affecting the autonomy The regulation of bladder and urethral urination function by nerve and body trunk nerve , making detrusor of bladder relax and urethral sphincter contraction, lack of urination consciousness, at this time, bladder is fully expanded and filled. In addition, the diuretic effect of alcohol is greater urinary retention. The cycle is repeated, and the bladder is prone to rupture.

You want to ask me how much urine can hold in my bladder, and when will it explode, I really can’t answer, one of my relatives has urinary retention, and I haven’t urinated for almost a day. He called me, and I asked him to go to the hospital for catheterization immediately, and there was almost 2000mL of urine.

The dangers of holding back

Want to pee but can’t pee

The bladder is a urine storage organ. It is very elastic. Think of the bladder as a rubber band. If you pull it for a long time, the elasticity will become It gradually becomes smaller until it can’t be retracted. At this time, the bladder can’t contract, and there is an embarrassing phenomenon of wanting to urinate but unable to urinate…

Bleeding is not uncommon

There was a patient in the outpatient clinic who held back his urine for a long time because of something. He had blood in the urine when he urinated. He suspected that he had a terminal illness, and told me that the child was still young…

It made me so embarrassed, I hurriedly said to her, “You don’t do this, I’ll analyze what will happen to you, holding your urine for a long time will make your bladder overfilled , When you urinate, the pressure in the bladder will be instantly reduced, at this time, the small blood vessels on the surface of the bladder mucosa will be over-congested or even ruptured without the external pressure, and then there will be blood in the urine.< /p>

In the future, when you encounter this situation, you can urinate a little slower, or even a little bit. Don’t urinate all at once. It won’t be like this, of course not. If you don’t mind, you can do a color Doppler ultrasound, check for urine or something. “

Hearing my explanation, her brows stretched and a smile climbed up her brows. This is actually one of the reasons why Didi did not dare to finish urinating in one go.

“Dizzy” myself with pee

A large bubble of urine in the stomach will compress the blood vessels? When the bladder suddenly becomes smaller after urination, the abdominal pressure drops all of a sudden, the veins expand, and the blood returning to the heart will decrease. This decrease does not matter, the brain is not dry, why do you still make my blood when you pee It also made me deprived of oxygen, and then when I got angry, I “fainted”, which is the so-called “urination syncope”.

Infections are no joke

holding back urine for a long time, the blood vessels in the bladder wall are compressed, the mucous membrane becomes thinner, and the ability of the urinary tract and reproductive tract epithelium to defend against bacteria is reduced. , Bacteria may reach the kidneys along the ureter, causing pyelonephritis, which is not as simple as frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria, but may also have fever, Back pain!

holding back urine can also cause an increase in intravesical pressure, causing urine reflux to the prostate, not only bringing pathogens to the prostate, but also directly >Stimulates the prostate, induces prostatitis!

Stones come to you

If you hold back your urine for a long time, crystals will precipitate out. You can check whether there will be “sludge” in the toilet if you don’t flush the toilet for a long time. People nowadays like to hold back their urine even if they don’t drink water, and they can’t justify it if they don’t have stones! So, if you hold back your urine for a long time, you have to weigh it carefully.

Can a living person suffocate urine?

Don’t worry, listen to me slowly, some people, especially the elderly, often have high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and other diseases, holding back urine will cause blood pressure to rise, if the blood vessels can’t bear such a big Will the pressure explode? Will there be a brain hemorrhage? If you have coronary heart disease, will it cause physical and psychological tension due to holding urine, resulting in increased heart rate, arrhythmia, and even the risk of sudden death? Therefore, the theory of suffocating urine is established.

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Notes about holding back

On special occasions, if it is inconvenient to go out for a long time, drink less water or go to the toilet first; if not, wear a diaper This can be learned from the surgeon. For some long-term operations, many surgeons will wear a diaper in advance to prevent embarrassing things from happening.

If there is really no way, and it is true that you have been urinating for a long time, then when we go to the toilet slowly urinate, or lean against the wall< /strong>, it’s really not possible for men to sit to pee, especially the elderly, you must pay attention.

Drink more water after urinating and urinate more to prevent urinary tract infections.

Go to the hospital if you experience frequency, urgency, pain, or blood in the urine.

DiDi still remembers such an uncle who had urinary retention due to prostatic hyperplasia. After every urination, there would be 500mL of urine in the bladder. I said, “Master, I need to guide you in this situation now. Urine, so much urine is not enough in the bladder, a normal person’s 500mL of urine is very suffocating in the stomach, you can easily damage the kidneys.”

Do you know what he said? He said: “Doctor, it’s okay, last time I couldn’t urinate and I got 1000mL out of it, it’s okay, the uncle can handle it, no need for catheterization, it’s like this in old age…”

Actually, we have a lot of misunderstandings about life. Just like this uncle, life has given you prostate hyperplasia, you can’t accept it silently, and you should treat it when necessary.

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