Don’t blindly replenish yang for impotence? If it is accompanied by these kinds of conditions, it is difficult to return to the peak if the damp heat is not eliminated.

Many people’s understanding of “Journey to the West” is only on the well-known TV series. Fans and friends who have time can read the original work. I believe that after reading the original work, everyone will definitely It will be different from the relaxed state of mind when watching TV dramas, because the plot and dialogue of the original book will make people feel a lot. In “Journey to the West Thirty-six Chapters”, Sun Wukong once said this sentence: “Master, don’t worry about it, and don’t worry about it. You can move forward with confidence, and you will be rewarded with ‘success will come naturally’.” Tang Seng in the original Journey to the West is not as indomitable as in the TV series. The road to the west is long and difficult, and Tang Seng will retreat from time to time. This is how Wukong comforted him. This is the same concept as the ancients said that success will come when conditions are ripe, but there is often a major premise. This premise is that the goal is correct, and the “truth” can only be obtained if the small Leiyin Temple is not regarded as the Great Leiyin Temple.

Many patients The disease has not been effectively treated, not because of giving up treatment, nor because of not insisting on taking medicine. One important reason is that the direction is not sure. In the end, the body deteriorates and a lot of time is wasted. Take the disease of impotence as an example. Many male friends think that impotence is to replenish yang, but it turns out that no matter how to replenish it, it is not good. In fact, it is the wrong direction. If impotence is accompanied by the following major symptoms at the same time, it is necessary to consider whether it is related to other reasons. The first is urination discomfort, frequent urination, urgency, and yellow urine with astringent pain; the second is accompanied by dampness in the scrotum and often itching; the third is excessive drinking and meat all year round. If impotence is accompanied by the above three conditions, then blindly tonify yang.

earlier There was a patient, aged 45, who developed impotence half a year ago. The patient was very anxious and took a lot of supplements in private. He spent a lot of money, but the effect was almost ineffective, and he found that his body was getting weaker and weaker. serious. The patient is the owner of a real estate agency. He usually likes to drink and eat with relatives and friends. He said that he suffered a lot when he was young, and now he has such a rich life. What he values ​​most is the quality of life, the quality of all aspects . What he didn’t expect was that he, who had a physical examination every year, actually developed impotence. The patient was fatter, and he learned carefully that the patient not only had impotence, but also often accompanied by scrotal dampness, frequent urination, and urgency. He knew that these problems might be related to drinking, but because it was not particularly unbearable, he just I didn’t take it seriously until impotence appeared. Later, someone introduced me and found me.

After understanding the general condition of the patient, I showed the patient the tongue coating and checked the pulse. From the perspective of the patient’s personal situation, this is a typical series of discomfort caused by damp heat. The patient not only has impotence, but the so-called urination discomfort and dampness in the scrotum are actually the manifestations of prostatitis. The patient said that during the previous physical examination, he did not do this examination, and he was negligent. According to the individual condition of the patient, I gave him a prescription for clearing away heat and promoting dampness. The prescription contains: Raw Astragalus, Smilax Smilax, Gentiana, Gardenia, Scutellaria, Liza, Shiwei, Akebia, Alisma, and Che Syndrome addition and subtraction of former seed and talc. The patient took two courses of treatment, and the discomfort of urination and itching of the lower body were greatly relieved, and the situation of impotence was greatly improved. After one course of treatment, all symptoms disappeared. While the patient was taking the medicine, I told him not to drink alcohol, otherwise all previous efforts would be in vain, and the patient could recover only by doing so.

Treating a disease is like learning scriptures from the west. Not only doctors must have sharp eyes, but patients should not retreat like Tang Seng. Don’t mistake “false scriptures” for real scriptures. With concerted efforts between patients, the discomfort on the body will definitely disappear one day.

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