“Don’t be in the cabin, don’t be in the sun!” What happened after the positive recovery of the new crown?

“We don’t want those who have passed the sun!”

“We will not hire those who have entered the cabin, let’s go!”

In the recruitment market,a number of people who have recovered from Covid-19 are facing such a situation, they are excluded from the job market, but they are still running for a job opportunity


Some of them are volunteers and nurses who have worked in the shelter, and some are patients who have been infected with new coronary pneumonia… After experiencing work shutdown and “endless” nucleic acid After the inspection and long-term living in the cabin, they finally recovered and “returned to society”, but they encountered the “cold eyes” of the society.

1. “We have been infected with the new crown, but we are not monsters!”

01, “We are not monsters”

21-year-old Kobayashi is a college student, infected with the new crown and admitted to a makeshift hospital After that, his parents asked him to group his circle of friends and set it to be invisible to relatives. Kobayashi understands what his parents are doing and thinks that they may be worried that relatives will “discriminate” against him if they know about it.

However, blocking the circle of friends will not prevent others from guessing.

After being discharged from the makeshift hospital, a tenant in the same community suspected that Xiaolin had “escaped” from the makeshift hospital, and his words were full of dissatisfaction. But at the same time, he also helped Xiaolin with the residents of the community and provided him with a lot of living materials, for which Xiaolin is very grateful.

After recovering and being discharged from the hospital, Kobayashi considered himself a relatively “safe” person. He couldn’t stop other people’s strange eyes, but hoped that they could remain rational. “I’ve just been infected with the new crown, and I’m not a monster!”

02 , “After I was infected with the new crown, I was discriminated against by my family”

Mr. Yan, a 76-year-old retired worker, tested positive at home not long after he tested positive. He began to develop unwell symptoms, manifested as persistent low-grade fever and cough, and was then sent to the hospital for isolation and treatment.

After more than ten days, Mr. Yan recovered and was discharged from the hospital and returned home.

Mr. Yan was puzzled and chilled by the fact that his younger sister’s family took good care of themselves and often came to the house to help with cleaning and purchasing daily necessities.

However, after he recovered and was discharged from the hospital, sister’s family was wary of him, even if he came occasionally, he was fully armed strong>, he also persuaded him many times to throw away the old bedding, tableware and other daily necessities at home.

Mr. Yan can’t understand why his sister is still guarding him like a god of plague.

Second, after recovering from the new crown infection, will it still be infectious?

Why does this happen?

In the final analysis, the public is afraid that these new crown positive recovered people still carry the new crown virus, or have not recovered “cleanly” and infect others again. So, will the new crown positive recoveries be contagious?

In response, Fang Bangjiang, director of the Institute of Acute and Critical Care, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said, “The new crown recovery will not cause infection. “. At present, the new crown can be completely cured. After the infected person recovers and is discharged from the hospital, the corresponding antibodies have been produced. Generally, the infection does not reoccur for 6 months and is not contagious.

In addition, Jin Dongyan, a professor at the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Hong Kong and a virologist, also said that patients who recovered after being infected with the new crown may have higher levels of antibodies than those obtained from vaccination. , and therefore less prone to re-infection.

However, it is not impossible for people who have recovered from the new crown to recover, so what is the general situation? Will it recover?

First, the sensitivity of the kits is different: Due to the differences in the detection sensitivity of different kits, it may be There will be cases where people who have recovered from the new crown will recover.

Second, people who have recovered from COVID-19 are in poor health: the antibody produced in the body is low in concentration and re-infected risk is greater.

Third, the new coronavirus mutates: the previously produced antibodies cannot be recognized, and eventually re-infection occurs.

Li Xingwang, chief expert of the Infectious Diseases Diagnosis and Research Center of Beijing Ditan Hospital, once mentioned that in the past two years, it has been found from virological research that the Ct value (the Ct value is used to judge nucleic acid detection) Almost impossible to isolate live virus, meaning they are not infectious .

In addition, epidemiological studies have also found that the Ct value of most of the infected people who recovered positive in the early stage also basically exceeded 35, which did not cause the feeling of close contact.dye. For infected people who are still in the recovery period, the Ct value can rise to above 35 in about a week, and there is no risk of infection even if the negative standard is not met.

Therefore, even if someone around you has a “Fuyang” situation, you don’t have to panic too much, let alone discriminate against those infected with Fuyang, and you should treat it rationally.

3. How to do “home management” after the new crown recovers?

Of course, for COVID-19 patients themselves, home management should also be done well for 7 days after recovery and discharge, in order to reduce the risk to a lower level and speed up physical recovery.

1. Do a good job of self-observation

Do a good job of temperature monitoring every day and pay close attention to yourself The physical health status of the person, such as fever, cough and other symptoms, should be reported to the community staff in time.

2. Clean up household garbage in time

For the paper towels, disposable masks, Disposable gloves and other household garbage should be cleaned up in time, packed and sealed in garbage bags, and discarded to the garbage disposal after 2-3 days.

3. It is best to live alone to reduce contact

If other people live with you , After the infected person recovers and is discharged from the hospital, it is best to live alone, and try to choose a room with a separate bathroom and good ventilation conditions to reduce close contact with family members.

The incident of “discrimination against COVID-19 positive recovery persons in the recruitment market”, recently the country Relevant agencies have issued the “Emergency Notice on Resolutely Combating Employment Discrimination of Recovered Persons from New Coronary Pneumonia”, which strictly prohibits hiring units and human resources service agencies from refusing to recruit (employ) persons who have recovered from new corona pneumonia on the grounds that they have previously tested positive for the new corona virus nucleic acid.

And for those who have recovered from the new crown, protect their rights to a certain extent< span>, reducing the impact of the new crown on their normal work and life.

In fact, we should feel the same way for those who have recovered from the new crown. Living on the same earth and facing the same enemy, even if we cannot help each other in the same boat, at least we should not discriminate against others.

COVID-19 patients need not only medical treatment, but also psychological comfort. We should look at people who have recovered from the new crown with a rational eye, avoid them from being “secondary injury”, and help more recovered people return to normal life.


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