These 4 behaviors are easy to cause blood clots. If you don’t want blood vessels to block, you should correct them as soon as possible.

There are countless blood vessels in the human body, which mainly play the role of transport nutrients and blood, and maintain the normal operation of various tissues and organs in the body > role.

Generally speaking, blood vessels have a certain elasticity, but with age, the elasticity of blood vessels will gradually reduce. There are various bad living and eating habits, such as staying up late, eating greasy food, etc.;

Then it will easily lead to blood lipid content in the body The excess lipids retain on the inner wall of blood vessels continuously, and finally form thrombus.

Once a patient has a blood clot, blood flow in the body It will be affected, which will lead to the problem of cold hands and feet;

This is mainly because the occurrence of thrombosis will lead to reduced patency of blood vessels, and the hands and feet are just right At the end of the limb, blood cannot flow properly to the lower extremity, resulting in ischemia and hypoxia< /strong> problem.

In this regard, we should pay attention to the protection of blood vessels at ordinary times, and try to avoid the following these four things >.

I. Unhealthy diet

First of all, Poor diet habit is the main cause of thrombosis. It is understood that many patients often eat some high sugar, high salt and high oil in normal times strong>foods, although they taste good, they are not easy to digest;

If patients intake these foods frequently, it is easy to cause >Hypertension and hyperlipidemia, as well as increased body fat content.

As the fat content exceeds the standard, the viscosity of the blood will continue to increase, which will lead to more and more pressure on the blood vessels, resulting in viscosity of the blood. strong>Problems causing blood clots. Therefore, patients should try to avoid eating high-fat and high-sugar foods.

Second, smoking and drinking

smoking and drinking It is a very unhealthy habit, which can cause great damage to the patient’s body, thereby causing various diseases, including thrombosis.

It is understood that tobacco contains many toxic substances. Long-term smoking will continuously accelerate the hardening of blood vessels, resulting in the appearance of blood vessels Congestion. Over time, blood clots can occur.

As for drinking, be aware that alcohol consumption not only reduces blood flow to the brain, it also affects Liver damage, which in turn leads to lipid metabolism problems in patients.

And this metabolic problem can accelerate the development of atherosclerosis in blood vessels, and eventually form thrombus. Therefore, patients should try to quit smoking and drinking at ordinary times, so as to effectively reduce the risk of disease.

Three, lack of exercise

Due to modern Social pressures continue to increase, so many patients are chronically stressed, lack of exercise, and sedentary Habit.

Over time, blood circulation in the body will be blocked, and the viscosity of the blood will continue to increase, thereby increasing the risk of blood clots.

Therefore, patients should do some exercises appropriately, such as running, cycling and swimming, etc., to improve their immunity, to speed up blood circulation. speed to avoid vascular blockage.

Fourth, do not like to drink water

Many patients do not usually The habit of taking the initiative to drink water , many times it is the feeling of obvious thirst before drinking water.

But this is not right, you must know the human body About 70% of the interior is water. Drinking water can not only effectively promote the metabolism in the body, improve the blood flow rate, but also thin the blood /strong>effectively prevents the occurrence of blood clots.

Specifically, patients can drink a glass of water every morning when they wake up , remove the blood waste in the body in time, and drink another glass of water within half an hour before going to bed to replenish water in time, so as not to increase the burden on the blood vessels.

In addition, the patient also You can drink some tea drinks, such as green tea, etc., to eliminate garbage and fat in the blood, thereby lowering Lipid content in the body to avoid thrombosis.

The above is 4 main practices that are prone to thrombosis. It is understood that the appearance of thrombosis will affect the normal functioning of the patient’s internal organs, resulting in various complications. , and even life-threatening in severe cases;

Therefore, patients should try to away from the above problems in their lives to ensure that the blood Clean and unblocked, effectively avoiding the occurrence of blood clots. Once there are some abnormalities symptoms, such as cold lower limbs, etc., then immediately go to the hospital for examination and treatment, so as not to delay the disease.

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