Donated materials worth 400,000 yuan to Shanghai

Urumqi, April 18th, Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Toya reported: In order to support Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control work, Kashi Jianguoguo Food Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xinjiang Guoguo Food Company”)17 On the morning of March 2019, a material donation and departure ceremony was held in Kashgar. Through the Shanghai Aid Xinjiang Front Headquarters, the company donated dried nut products such as raisins, almonds, and thin-skinned walnuts produced by Xinjiang Guoguo Food Company to Shanghai, with a total value of more than 400,000 yuan. .

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kashi Jianguoguo Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Jianguoguo Food Co., Ltd. has made every effort to prepare these materials. Since April 14, the company’s employees have been working overtime. On the morning of the 17th, all the donated materials were prepared and shipped.

Chairman Wang Chao of Jianguoguo Food Co., Ltd. said that over the years, Shanghai has supported the four counties of Shache, Zepu, Yecheng and Bachu in Kashgar. Through industrial assistance to Xinjiang, education assistance to Xinjiang, health assistance to Xinjiang, and cultural assistance to Xinjiang, Shanghai has achieved a qualitative leap in the economic and social development of Kashgar and the people’s living and working in peace and contentment. The epidemic in Shanghai has affected the hearts of the people of Kashgar. The company hopes to support Shanghai’s fight against the epidemic with practical actions through its modest efforts, and wishes Shanghai to overcome the epidemic at an early date.

Chen Yifeng, deputy county magistrate of Yecheng County and deputy commander of the Yecheng Branch Headquarters of the Shanghai Aid Xinjiang Front Headquarters, said: “Kashgar Jianguoguo Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., as a local enterprise in Kashgar, serves local farmers. It has contributed to increasing income and becoming rich. While developing and expanding, the company has not forgotten to fulfill its social responsibilities and actively repay the society, demonstrating the responsibility of private enterprises.”

2015, Kashi Jianguoguo Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. Established as a key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in the autonomous region, the company aims to help southern Xinjiang fruit farmers sell high-quality and delicious melons and fruits to other provinces. At present, the company’s products have covered many categories such as dried fruit, snack food, healthy drinks, and seasonal fresh fruit. In 2021, it will achieve sales of 220 million yuan. The products are mainly sold to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places.