Bole City: Fresh corn sells well in various markets

[Foundation at the grassroots level]

Tianshan Net-Xinjiang Daily reporter Song Yawen

On April 10th, he walked into Xinjiang Yongxinkang Food Co., Ltd. In the packaging workshop, employees are skillfully grading and packaging the quick-frozen corn and sending it to all parts of the country.

“Ordinary corn is generally sold by the kilogram, while our corn is sold by the root. According to the appearance and length of the stick, the corn is divided into different grades. The market retail price is 5-10 yuan per piece, and the price is high. It’s also selling well.” Speaking of fresh corn, Cui Yongzhu, the company’s deputy general manager, is very proud.

The corn mentioned by Cui Yongzhu is organic glutinous corn specially eaten. With the upgrading of consumption, more and more people choose to eat healthy whole grains. Corn is a common coarse grain on the table of common people, which is rich in cellulose and low in calories. Their organic waxy corn has become one of the most popular online red corns in the market, not only in Bole, but also in Urumqi, Shanghai, Beijing and other places.

Bole City is rich in water, soil, light and heat resources and is a golden corn planting area. “The fertile soil in Bole City, coupled with the watering of Tianshan snow water and high-quality organic fertilizer, has created a sweet and delicious taste, soft and tender taste of fresh corn.” Cui Yongzhu said.

It is understood that the company adopts the “enterprise + cooperative” order cooperation model to mobilize farmers’ enthusiasm for planting and promote the development of the fresh corn industry in the direction of scale, industrialization and standardization.

“Last year, we planted 15,000 mu of fresh corn in our planting base, and we strictly followed the organic product certification standards from planting to processing. In 2018, we obtained the organic product certification.” Cui Yongzhu said that fresh corn After the corn is harvested, after peeling, cleaning and other links, it is then quick-frozen at minus 40 ℃, directly stored in the cold storage, and then packaged.

“Our cold storage can store tens of thousands of mu of fresh corn for sale for a year. We plan to plant 17,000 mu of fresh corn this year, and the spring ploughing will soon begin. I’m ready to eat corn.” Cui Yongzhu said.

Ma Yulong, director of Bole Agricultural Industrialization Development Service Center, introduced that at present, the planting scale of fresh corn in Bole is expanding, with an annual output of 33,000 tons, mainly from Xinjiang Yongxinkang Food Co., Ltd. Company, Xinjiang Jinsui Pastoral Planting Professional Cooperative, Bole City Yuhao Planting Professional Cooperative and other planting and production.

At the end of 2021, Bole fresh corn was selected into the third batch of national famous, special and excellent new agricultural products list in 2021, which is conducive to further enhancing the influence and brand awareness of Bole fresh corn. Become the new business card of Bole City.

“Next step, we will take advantage of the favorable opportunity of Bole’s fresh corn being selected into the third batch of national famous, special and excellent new agricultural products list in 2021, vigorously develop characteristic ecological industries, and polish the new business card of fresh corn. By realizing the industrialization of corn planting and processing, we can improve efficiency, increase farmers’ income, and realize industrial upgrading.” Ma Yulong said.