Dogtail grass is a treasure, it can be used to boil water for drinking, or it can improve 4 problems

Speaking of dogtail grass, I believe people in the countryside have seen it before. It is a kind of herbaceous plant, and generallystemsare upright , if it encounters an obstacle, it will hinder the growth and become curved.

In fact, the name of the dog’s tail grass explains its shape. In some classical medical books, the dog’s tail grass There are also records, and there are many effects, such as treating warts, treating furuncles and ringworm, antipyretic, treating eye diseases, removing dampness, reducing swelling, etc.

In fact, this kind of plant is very common in rural areas. In fact, if it is used to boil water for drinking, it will have more benefits for the body Yes, the following problems can be solved.


The dogtail grass is a treasure, used to boil water for drinking, or it can improve 4 problems

Replenishing Qi and Stomach

The stomach is the digestive organ of the human body, which can digest and absorb food, but now people’s diet structure has undergone great changes compared with before, and the diet is not particularly healthy, which in turn causes damage to the stomach It will cause a lot of damage and easily cause gastrointestinal diseases.

For example, common gastrointestinal diseases include gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer, etc. At this time, you can use dogtail grass to cook Drinking water can replenish Qi and stomach, speed up gastrointestinal peristalsis, help the body expel toxins, reduce gastric acid secretion, and protect gastric mucosa.

Speed ​​up wound healing

< span>Some people often have skin bumps due to carelessness, and usually have small wounds. If the wound is relatively small, the wound may heal within a short time due to its strong blood clotting ability.

If the wound is relatively large, it will heal The time should be slower. At this time, you can also use dogtail grass to boil water to drink, which can improve the body’s blood coagulation function and help promote wound healing.

Clear heat and reduce fire

Most people are under more and more pressure in their lives, especially at night, they often stay up late and work overtime, resulting in the failure of organs to function normally, the immune system will also decline, and the body is prone to illness. Fire problems, such as inflamed gums, mouth sores, runny nose, etc.

At this time, you can also use dogtail grass to soak water to drink, which can clear away heat and reduce fire, clear away heat and detoxify, especially for patients with pharyngitis. It can also improve throat discomfort.

Diuresis and detoxification

Some people like to eat delicious food in life, and there are many kinds of delicious food, but the content of additives and preservatives is relatively high, which will It causes toxins to accumulate in the body, which is particularly harmful to the body.

So we can use dogtail grass to boil water, which can diuretic and detoxify, promote the formation of urine, help the body clean up toxins, and Reduces stress on the liver.


What should be paid attention to when using dogtail grass to boil water for drinking?

Need hot water to take

Usually, when boiling water with dogtail grass, try to use hot water instead of cold water, because this plant is cold in nature, if you drink it after cooling, it will increase the burden on the stomach and stress can also cause a decline in kidney function.

Don’t drink a lot

Although it is said that foxtail grass has a good effect, it should not be consumed in excess, otherwise it will lead to increased dampness and coldness in the body, especially for women , It is also easy to cause menstrual disorders.

Pregnant people use with caution

For pregnant women, the body is very special, try to avoid taking cold ingredients, and foxtail grass is a cold plant, if you drink it improperly, it will bring unnecessary trouble to the body.

Prevent allergy problems

< span> If you have wind-heat and cold, you can also use dogtail grass to boil water to drink, which can exert medicinal value, but some people are prone to allergies when taking it.

For example, the pollen of dogtail grass is a kind of pathogenic Allergens, so there may be allergic symptoms when taking it, such as rash, itching, etc., so if this happens, you should stop taking it immediately.