Does sweating mean the body is detoxifying? Reminder: 4 ways sweating may be a sign of cancer or disease

“Isn’t sweating the body detoxifying? Could it be a big deal!”

The 67-year-old Uncle Liu has retired for several years and is usually idle. , I like to play mahjong and poker in the chess and card room. For the past three months, for some unknown reason, Uncle Liu sweated profusely when he went to bed at night.

At first, Mr. Liu didn’t think the matter was serious, he thought it was the body’s detoxification. But as time passed, Uncle Liu felt a lump on his neck. Although it was neither painful nor itchy, it was very obvious. Uncle Liu went to the hospital for examination. The doctor did a biopsy and the final diagnosis was lymphoma.

The seemingly ordinary sweating is actually related to cancer? This is so scary, especially now in summer, when many people sweat, you must be careful about normal sweating and abnormal sweating.

1. Does sweating detoxify the body?

Sweat is a very normal physiological manifestation of the human body most of the time. When the temperature of the body surface exceeds 37°C, the body needs to sweat to dissipate heat. Many people think that sweating is the body’s detoxification, but this idea is not correct.

Yang Xichuan, deputy director of the Department of Dermatology, Southwest Hospital said that our sweat glands are not detoxification organs, and the metabolic wastes in the body are mainly It is transported from the blood to the liver and kidneys for metabolic excretion. 99% of sweat is water, and the remaining 1% is urea, lactic acid, sodium chloride and other components.It is not a toxin in public perception.

In life, some people sweat after a little bit of activity, and some people have difficulty sweating even after vigorous exercise. What is the reason?

Second, why do some people sweat all the time, while others rarely sweat?

1. Differences in sweat glands

There are about 4 million sweat glands in the human body. The degree of development of sweat glands is also different. Some people with more and more developed sweat glands will sweat more frequently every day. Conversely, people with less sweat glands and underdeveloped sweat glands will sweat less.

2, gender difference

Under normal circumstances, men sweat more easily than women because men secrete testosteroneand other males Hormones promote the perspiration response, while female hormones such as estradiol, which are secreted in women, inhibit perspiration.

3. Differences in body weight

The fat layer of fat people is thicker, and the daily heat dissipation It will be more difficult, so it is easy to sweat.

Although sweating is a normal physiological manifestation of the body, some abnormal sweating may be a “call for help” sent by the body. Be alert in time.

Three, these kinds of sweats may be the body calling for help

1. Night sweats are soaking wet

Lymphoma, as its name suggests, is a tumor that grows in the lymph nodes. The disease is the fastest growing malignant tumor, and it is also very easy to be misdiagnosed. Lymphoma can cause abnormal night sweats in patients, and it is likely to have the performance of whole body wet. Only a single forehead sweat is generally not lymphoma. In addition to sweating, lymphoma can cause symptoms such asunexplained swollen lymph nodes, fever, itching, weight loss, and body aches.

2, obviously not hot and sweating for no reason< /strong>

Normally, our hands don’t sweat a lot when the weather isn’t very hot. If your hands are always wet and damp in your daily life, you need to be vigilant that it may be caused by Handhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis refers to sweating caused by excessive secretion of sweat glands in the hands that is not affected by external temperature, and patients may also experience excessive sweating of the feet, armpits, and groin, these sweaty areas are prone to dermatitis and rashes.

3. Sudden heavy sweating, dizziness

Suddenly a lot of Sweating, and there are symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and you need to be alert that it may be heatstroke. Once it occurs, go to a cool and ventilated place to rest in time, and replenish water. If symptoms cannot be relieved, seek medical attention in time.

4. Sudden cold sweat

Myocardial infarction causes a drop in the heart’s output, which in turn leads to a drop in blood pressure, vasoconstriction, and abnormal sweatingcold sweat , the sweating parts are mainly concentrated inneck, forehead, hands and feet.

It is worth noting that the above symptoms are not necessarily all caused by diseases. When abnormality occurs, you must seek medical examination in time, and do not scare yourself.

In hot summer, sweating is unavoidable. After sweating, you should pay attention to these things in time to avoid harm to your health due to improper handling. Threats.

Sweating frequently during the four and dog days, remember these

1. Hydrate p>

After sweating, you should pay attention to replenishing water in time, and boiled water is appropriate. Some people who sweat a lot can try to drink 1% salt water, which can help replenish sodium and prevent the occurrence of Electrolyte imbalance. When drinking water, it is best to pay attention to small mouths and slow swallows, so that the body can absorb water slowly, and avoid overloading the kidneys due to a large amount of water intake at one time.

< strong>2. Wipe sweat with a dry towel or warm towel

The pores and capillaries on the skin of the human body are open after sweating Wiping with a dry towel or a warm towel will help dissipate the heat and make people feel cool and comfortable. If you wipe with a cold towel, it will easily lead to closed pores and constricted capillaries, which will make people feel very hot.

3. It is not advisable to take a bath immediately

You must not take a bath immediately after sweating a lot, especially It is better to avoid taking a cold shower. Taking a shower immediately after sweating can easily cause capillary constriction, a large amount of blood backflow to the heart, and then easily cause symptoms such as palpitation, shortness of breath and dizziness. It is recommended to take a bath after the body temperature has recovered and the sweat has dried.

Sweat is a physiological manifestation that each of us has. In daily life, we should pay attention to observe whether there is any abnormality in sweating on our body, and seek medical attention in time if any abnormality is found. #Number One Weekly#


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