The stranded tourists in Sanya confided that the most regret is not not being able to go home, but not going to the airport

Wen Jianghu Xiaowu

“If God can give me a chance to do it again, I will say three words to that girl…”

For this sentence from The lines in Zhou Xingchi’s movie “Journey to the West” may not have given some people a deep understanding until they stayed in Sanya. That kind of heart-piercing regret is really missed and no longer there.

A woman stranded in Sanya posted a selfie on the Internet The video confided, “Can you give me another chance to enter the airport, I will cherish it and get to the airport as soon as possible.”

Many tourists stranded in Sanya, including the woman who filmed the video, The reason why “the most regretful thing is not not being able to go home, but not going to the airport” is because, in the face of tourists who are also stranded in Sanya due to “temporary global static management”, those who have stayed at the airport, regardless of whether there are return tickets All of them were taken by Sanya to a star-rated hotel in Sanya Bay for “free food and free stay for 7 days”, while those more than 30,000 tourists who stayed in the hotel could only “enjoy half-price renewal service”.

What makes more than 30,000 people stranded in the hotel feel angry is that some hotels do not enforce the regulations of Sanya on half-price renewal at all, and blatantly increase the price, so that the half-price renewal The price is more expensive than the normal stay before, causing a great uproar in public opinion.

As public opinion continues to ferment, Sanya, who feels that there is a lot of pressure on her face, reiterates its strict investigation into the behavior of sitting on the ground and raising the price, and gives a clear definition of “half-price extended stay”, that is, “accommodating as original” 50% off the price for continued stay”, in addition, “If tourists choose not to continue their stay at the original hotel, they can choose other hotels in their area and stay at half price based on the lowest price announced on Ctrip’s official website.”

It should be said that Sanya’s statement reassured more than 30,000 stranded tourists, and finally There is no need to worry about the sky-high price of staying, and it also curbs the urge of many businesses to try to check the risks of stranded passengers for 7 days as a “Golden Week” to make money.

However, as the old saying goes, there is no harm without comparison. Just like the woman in the video said, some people can eat and stay for 7 days for free, and it is still a star-rated hotel, but some people can only “continue to stay at half price.” “I have to be grateful to Dade, why are the same stranded tourists treated differently in Sanya?

Actually, for the more than 3,000 stranded passengers who received the promise of free board and lodging, the free money was also won at the airport by themselves. At least they participated in the “nag” exchange with Sanya, and shouted. With the uniform slogan “We are going home”, you can say it is “the crying child gets milk” or “distributed according to the trouble”. In short, the stranded passengers who arrived at Sanya Phoenix Airport that day, whether they have or not Air tickets, have received free room and board for 7 days.

And those stranded passengers who honestly stayed at the hotel after seeing the flight cancellation information and did not leave, but can only enjoy the “50% off” at their own expense, with the price of Sanya in the summer tourist season. See, even if it is half-price renewal, the 7-day accommodation fee for a family is not a small expense. The key is that this expense is entirely due to temporary static management. In theory, it should be “who manages and pays.”

Unfortunately, there is no medicine for regret, just like the woman who shot the video said , When she reacted and wanted to take her child to the airport for a chance to get free food and lodging, she found that the road to the airport had been blocked, and even if she was unwilling, there was nothing she could do.

For tourists who were also stranded in Sanya, the difference in treatment between those who went to the airport and those who didn’t go to the airport was so different. This practice of treating stranded passengers differently can also be regarded as a new starting point for the aftermath of the tourism city in the past three years.

In the past, every time there was an epidemic in a tourist city, it was inevitable that room and board or board and lodging were all free.

Since this arrangement has been accepted, for these tourists who are stranded in Sanya at their own expense, it can be regarded as a long-term wisdom. “A child who can cry has milk to eat.” It will apply no matter where you go, but those tourists who are obedient to their duties can only find a hotel at their own expense.

Finally, I would like to remind you in good faith that for the tourism image of Sanya , At least in terms of board and lodging, Sanya should be treated equally, even if all star-rated hotels cannot be arranged, free should become a unified standard.