Did you notice? Now there are “5 types of women” who are unmarried, especially many

With the development of society, while people fully enjoy the happiness brought by material, culture, entertainment, Internet, etc., many people cannot enjoy the happiness of love and marriage. more and more.

The word “bachelor” exists in Chinese history, but it mainly refers to unmarried men. However, with the development of society today, there are not only many “male bachelors”, but also many “women bachelors”. Today, let’s talk about the “5 categories” of women with the most “female bachelors”.

The first category of people, female civil servants

In the current government and institutions, there are particularly many girls, because of their job advantages and status advantages The advantages of education and education are relatively high, so the requirements for boys are relatively high. Generally, they are required to find a person within the system, or a doctor, and a little lower is a teacher, and they are basically dismissive of enterprises and self-employed. The idea of ​​​​would be better than nothing is getting older and older, so many girls in their thirties still can’t find a satisfactory boy.

The second type of people, female successful people

Women successful people generally refer to individual female bosses, female upstarts, Or successful women in research institutes and IT industries, they have extremely high demands on their other half, and most expect to be stronger than themselves. The strong here refers to those who are strong in business, strong in quality, earn more money, and have a promising career. But these men are usually the ones that you like me, but I don’t like you. And those who are worse than myself don’t like it, so I can only live alone.

The third type of people, female teachers

Now there are many female teachers in the school. They are basically two o’clock and one line all day long, and they usually have class. , I have to correct my homework after class, and I have little contact with men. Another feature of female teachers is that they are very aloof. If they can’t find a man who is better than themselves in all aspects, they would rather stay alone in the empty room. Otherwise, you are afraid that others will laugh at you.

The fourth category of people, female nurses

There is a strange phenomenon that male doctors are generally reluctant to ask female nurses for treatment Companions, they think female nurses are too busy, work three shifts, and have irregular rest times, which is not good for the family and the education of the children. Due to the nature of their work, female nurses have fewer opportunities to contact the opposite sex in other industries than female teachers, and their status and treatment are not as good as female teachers, so there are more and more single female nurses.

The fifth category of people, female followers

The so-called “female followers” means that they lack their own opinions and blindly improve A girl who chooses a standard spouse. For example, the requirements must be “high, rich and handsome”, and the jobs must be civil servants, doctors, teachers, state-owned enterprise leaders, individual bosses, etc., but I don’t see my appearance and identity, so I can only be alone.