Dialogue with Wuhan volunteers stranded in Sanya: All supplies are complete, I want to write “Wuhan” on the protective clothing

The moment he took off his protective clothing, Zhou Shixun, under the scorching sun, felt that even the air in Sanya was chilly.

He drank two bottles of mineral water without stopping. Since putting on the protective suit in the morning, he has been holding back his thirst.

Originally, the 20-year-old boy from Wuhan would end his trip with his parents in early August, but the epidemic made his plans to return home in vain.

On August 1, Sanya reported 1 new local confirmed case. As of 12:00 on August 6, a total of 455 confirmed cases have been reported in this round of epidemic in Sanya. According to the prevention and control requirements, those who are currently in Sanya or have a travel history in Sanya since July 23 will not leave the island for the time being.

On August 3, Zhou Shixun signed up in the community where he lived to become a volunteer for nucleic acid information collection.

Every morning at 6 o’clock, he goes to the community to report, and then collects information on more than 300 residents in the morning. The nucleic acid sampler who works with him has to sample thousands of times a day. The first thing to take off the protective suit is to shake his arm vigorously to get rid of the soreness.

In 2020, he was just 18 years old, still in the third year of high school, and did not participate in volunteer activities in Wuhan. This time, he said, “I don’t want to lie at home.”

working Zhou Shixun. Photo/Provided by the interviewee

Conversation with Zhou Shixun.

[1]We rely on community group purchases to buy vegetables, and household supplies are complete

Jiupai News: Are you visiting Sanya? How long did you expect to stay?

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Zhou Shixun:Yes. I am from Wuhan. I came to Sanya with my parents to travel. My family has a house here. It was originally planned to leave in these few days. The epidemic situation was fine at first, but from 1 case per day, 10 cases have increased to more than 200 cases today.

We originally planned to leave on August 5th, but yesterday, the planes and high-speed trains had not been suspended, and we were still discussing and looking at air tickets. Looking at it, something was wrong, and I found that I couldn’t go. Don’t worry about going home now, because there is no need to worry anymore. Compared to tourists staying in hotels, my stress is still much less.

Jiupai News: How is the situation in Sanya now?

Zhou Shixun: The card was issued a few days ago, and each family can go out to buy groceries for two days. Now it is not allowed to send, the community is completely closed, and it is not allowed to go out. Originally, I was going to issue a card in the afternoon, but I answered the phone at three or four o’clock and said that I don’t need to issue it. Now that the community is not allowed to go out, I continue to rest.

Jiupai News: Do you have enough living supplies?

Zhou Shixun: When I went to the supermarket yesterday, the vegetable shelf was closed for some time, and the eggs were sold out. We didn’t buy them. Group buy arrived. Everyone went to “snatch up” a few days ago.

We can’t go to the vegetable market today, we have to wait for the community to buy it. Everything at home is still very complete. Rice, noodles, oil, milk, eggs, vegetables, and meat are all ok. But to be in a hotel, it may not be as convenient as we are at home.

The shelves in the supermarket where the vegetables are sold for some time are empty. Photo/Provided by respondents

Jiupai News: Are there still people on the street now?

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Zhou Shixun: Basically nothing, it’s empty. Occasionally a battery car passed by on the road, full of people wearing protective clothing or policemen, all fully armed. There are no shops open anymore, supermarkets and convenience stores are closed. Except sometimes, people who live in the store come out to the door of the store, stretch out, take a look and go in again.

Jiu Pai News: How did you come up with volunteering?

Zhou Shixun: I saw the recruitment in the local treasure in Hainan. At that time, the epidemic was just beginning. It said that our community was in urgent need of volunteers, so I went to the community to sign up. The community responded very quickly, and they called me on the same day to ask if I could come.

Now, some drivers are still being recruited, and I just saw people who are still in a hurry to call to notify. The volunteer group in our area now has more than 200 people, and the division of labor is very clear. Those who take samples, make phone calls, transport goods, and transport patients are all very finely divided.

[2] Wearing protective clothing for two hours a day, the body is very heavy


Jiupai News: Tired of volunteer work?

Zhou Shixun: I was very tired. I was in the protective suit for two hours, and the mask could no longer be seen clearly. The suit was airtight, except for a small hole in the head for ventilation. After taking off the protective clothing, I felt like I came out of the stove. Water was all over my clothes, pants, and shoes, and my body was very heavy. This clothes is not very convenient to move, including fingers, it cannot be bent, and when using a mobile phone, you have to click and click on the mobile phone,

For nucleic acid sampling like the airport, there is a small room where the air conditioner can be turned on, as long as you stretch your hands outside. But like our “big white”, we have to work outside wearing clothes all the time, and one of our volunteers has already fainted.

Zhou Shixun took off his protective suit after finishing work. Figure/SubjectInterviewer provided

Jiupai News: How long does it take to work every day in the community?

Zhou Shixun: Our work is about 6:00 am to the community to assign tasks, put on protective clothing, and end at 11:30 noon. The phone left in the community is usually called at any time when I have a job. If the epidemic continues to develop, it may be even busier in the future. Now sometimes there are not enough people, and may be transferred to other communities to help. There is a community called Danzhou next to us. It has already been diagnosed, so it will be more risky.

Jiupai News: Are you worried about being infected?

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Zhou Shixun: I will still be a little worried, I can only say pay more attention. I’m already a little “immune”. We also closed the school for a semester, and often there is a diagnosis here and a diagnosis there, and I think it’s normal.

The protection is also in place now. When changing clothes, there will always be people spraying you with alcohol, changing while spraying. The two took turns, and after they were done, they threw them into the yellow garbage bag, sealed it and packed it directly.

Zhou Shixun’s parents took photos of their son at work upstairs. Photo/Provided by the interviewee

Jiupai News: Do you want to make up for the regrets of two years ago when you are a volunteer now?


Zhou Shixun: Yes, I was in Wuhan at the time, and I was at home. I was in my third year of high school. This time, I wanted to write “Wuhan” and my name on the back of the protective suit. I don’t know where to write it, so I didn’t write it.

Jiupai News: Are you in a hurry to go back to Wuhan?

Zhou Shixun:Actually, I’m very worried that I won’t be able to go back to school normally in September. It feels like it’s just starting now. In fact, there must be a process of increasing, and then slowly Steady, then back down. We have a lot of classes this semester, and I feel that the loss is relatively large.

I am a major in architecture, and I will take professional courses at the beginning of my sophomore year, such as learning CAD, drawing, etc., which are all professional foundations. If the foundation is not laid well, it may be more difficult to make up later. After Sanya is unblocked, he may have to be quarantined when he returns to Wuhan. If he can go back to school in October, if he misses a month of classes, it will take too much effort.

Jiu Pai News reporter Wang Yiran


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