Dialogue with the sage Zhao Jingyi across time and space to interpret Qiu Chuji’s classic poem “Falling Flowers”

The beginning of autumn is the thirteenth solar term of the twenty-four solar terms and the first solar term in autumn. The beginning of autumn represents the beginning of autumn, when everything begins to grow from flourishing to desolate and mature. The new autumn has arrived, and the depression has been since the beginning. The intoxicating lotus repays thanks, and the leaves in the willow are sparse. After the splendid summer flowers, it is finally time for the flowers to fall.

Thousands of years ago, it was also the season of falling flowers. Cloak, he has learned something from the mirror’s heart, grinds and picks up a pen, and wrote an article “Falling Flowers” for our descendants. Falling flowers are a mirror, and the colorful Zhongqiu Zu observes life and the avenue. “Falling Flowers” becomes a song, what kind of sparks will collide in this dialogue that spans time and space?

Recently, the latest MV “Falling Flowers” by Zhao Jingyi, an ancient singer, was launched on major platforms. Accompanied by Zhao Jingyi’s melodious voice, “Falling Flowers” is like a landscape painting slowly unfolding in front of the eyes, the flowers are full of trees and flourishing. Spring goes back to autumn, swaying and falling with the wind… Falling flowers, born, never born, perished, and the fragrance remains. Turned into spring mud, inheriting the charm of the next life. When flowers bloom and fall, it is the change and immutability of the vast world, the momentary chain of life and death.


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After months of preparation and filming, the MV of “Falling Flowers” finally met her friends who liked her with the expectations of the creators! In order to better express the thoughts of Qiu Zu’s “Falling Flowers” It is shown that the shooting team walked from the city to the countryside, from the gurgling stream to the temple in the forest, exploring the footprints of Qiu Zu, shooting all the way, and finally completed this well-made MV.

“Yesterday the flowers were full of red, and now the flowers are empty. Zirong In fact, borrowing three spring shows, the changes follow the wind of the night…” Falling flowers into poems, falling flowers into music, Qiu Zu’s poems touched Taoist singer Zhao Jingyi. From “Scent of the Heart” to “No Secular Thoughts”, Zhao Jingyi used her magnetic singing voice and quaint melody to open a dialogue that spanned time and space, and shared the pearl and jade motto that Qiu Zu left for our descendants with her singing voice. To bring nourishment to listeners, to bring peace, to bring joy. The beginning of the autumn solar term, let us escape from the troubles, accompanied by melodious songs, go to a flower blooming and falling.

Know what has come, think what will go, and know what will go. Going to the flower date together is a promise, and it is also an answer sheet that travels through time and space. Words, voices, and sounds flow through the four seasons… Zhao Jingyi said: “Music art comes from nature, from life, and from all living beings. From the rich perception, its multi-level humanistic content mobilizes all the senses of the public, arouses the deep thinking of the public, and makes the collision between humanistic feelings and the audience resonate with life. In this special solar term, it is expressed with such a song My mood couldn’t be more suitable. Traditional Chinese culture is the foundation of music creation, and only by having faith in the traditional culture of the Chinese nation from the heart can we sing music with a soul that conforms to contemporary Chinese values.”

Editor in charge: Ren Xinyi (EN063)

[Source: Beiqingwang Entertainment]

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