Diabetes “don’t eat list” is here, white sugar ranks 4th, and most people like to eat the first 3 kinds

Diabetes is called “the cancer that never dies”, is the third largest threat to human health Once the disease is detected, it cannot be completely cured. Only by taking hypoglycemic drugs or injecting insulin can help stabilize blood sugar.

It is clinically judged that the mechanism of diabetes is due to the accumulation of excess sugar in the blood during transportation, which leads to blood viscosity and inhibition of islets Insulin secretion, metabolic clinical symptoms appear. It is mainly divided into type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes accounts for more than 90%.


When can I be diagnosed with diabetes?

If you have diabetes, typical symptoms of three more and one less, and random blood sugar >11.1mmol/L , fasting blood glucose ≥ 7.0mmol/L, or oral glucose tolerance test two-hour blood glucose ≥ 11.1mmol/L, can be diagnosed as diabetes.

If there are no symptoms of diabetes, fasting blood sugar ≥ 7.0mmol/L, oral glucose tolerance Diabetes can only be diagnosed if the blood glucose ≥ 11.1mmol/L within two hours of the test.

If the fasting blood glucose is 6.1-7.0mmol/L, oral glucose tolerance test two-hour blood glucose Within the normal range, also known as impaired fasting blood sugar.

If fasting blood sugar is normal,Oral glucose tolerance test two-hour blood sugar At 7.8-11.1mmol/L, also known as impaired glucose tolerance.


What damage does diabetes bring to the body?

1. Kidney harm

If blood sugar continues to be unstable in diabetic patients,will lead to an abnormal increase in glomerular microcirculation filtration pressure It will eventually cause serious damage to the kidneys. The early manifestations are proteinuria and edema of the lower limbs, and it will become renal failure in the late stage.

2. Cardiovascular hazards

Diabetic patients will have serious damage to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases after a long time, mainly in aorta, coronary artery, cerebral atherosclerosis , so that everyone’s vasoconstriction and dilation are extremely uncoordinated, which will lead to a large amount of lipid deposition on the blood vessel wall, to a certain extentIt will cause blood vessel blockage, if it is aortic coronary artery If blocked, the risk of death is very high.

< strong>3. Acute complications

Diabetes can also cause some acute complications , such as co-infections,The most common include respiratory tract infections, and tuberculosis urinary tract infections and skin infections.

4. Lactic acidosis

Patients with this condition Most patients have a history of heart, kidney, or disease, or shock, infection, hypoxia, alcohol consumption, or large doses of hypoglycemic agents. Symptoms are not specific, and the mortality rate is high.


Diabetes “don’t eat list” is here, white sugar ranks 4th, most people love to eat the first 3 kinds

1,< strong>Pork liver

Pork liver is rich in iron. Eating more pork liver can prevent iron deficiency anemia. Pork liver contains a lot of vitamins and water-soluble substances, which can effectively improve the synthesis of neurotransmitters in nerve cells, effectively maintain thinking ability, and memory.

However, for diabetic patients or patients with high blood sugar, it is recommended to eat less pork liver, because the cholesterol content in pork liver is also very high, easy to eat It leads to the accumulation of a large amount of triglyceride cholesterol in the blood vessels, which aggravates the condition.


When we usually make cold dishes or eat hot pot spicy soup, we will add a little sesame paste, the calcium content of sesame paste The amount is very high, but sesame paste is not suitable for diabetics, because sesame paste will add a lot of preservative chemicals, sugar and salt in the process of processing, and the calories are very high, if you eat it often If it is not conducive to the stability of blood sugar, it is also easy to cause diabetic complications,

3, Chili

Chili contains capsaicin, which can improve the taste, and proper consumption of chili can dispel cold , but excessive intake will affect the activity of enzymes, reduce the permeability of blood vessels, damage the gastrointestinal mucosa, stimulate the secretion of gastric acid in large quantities, thereby affecting bile and inhibiting insulin, resulting in high blood sugar.

4、 White sugar

Diabetics should stay away from white sugar in normal times. White sugar belongs to fructose and enters the body Immediately afterwards, blood sugar will rise. If diabetics do not avoid eating white sugar frequently, it will easily lead to obesity. Obesity will cause insulin resistance and a decrease in the function of pancreatic islet B cells, which will aggravate the symptoms of diabetes.


Diabetes is most afraid of 4 kinds of food, eat more daily, or you can stay away from diabetic complications


Onion is a very good hypoglycemic food. Onion contains some substances that can promote insulin synthesis, and onion contains paste Vitamins, can protect blood vessels, clean up cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, often eat onions, not only can stabilize blood sugar, but also protect cardiovascular and reduce the incidence of blood.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium, which can promote the secretion of insulin. You can eat more pumpkin seeds in normal times, so that the more insulin is secreted, so that blood sugar is easy to be in a balanced state.


Hawthorn contains flavonoids, which can improve blood vessel vitality, dilate blood vessels, lower blood vessel cholesterol, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, Hawthorn The lipolytic enzyme in it can also help digestion and relieve greasy, reduce the burden on the stomach. Diabetics can lower blood sugar and protect the heart if they eat it regularly.


Chicory is a kind of food material with both medicine and food. Chicory contains special chicory sugar, which has the effect of lowering uric acid and blood sugar, and chicory is not easy to be hydrolyzed and digested, and has moisturizing It has a laxative effect, so people with high uric acid or high blood sugar can eat more.